The Department of Environmental Science and Engineering explores various aspects of human-environment interactions and works on developing long-lasting, sustainable solutions for the most pressing environmental issues. Faculty members with immense experience from highly reputed international and national institutes provide training to students towards solving environmental issues on a local to global scale.

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Environmental Science and Engineering is a multidisciplinary field that incorporates principles from environmental science, engineering, biology, chemistry, and mathematics to address complex environmental challenges. We focus on creating practical solutions and management approaches to safeguard our well-being and the environment. In our department, we recognize the critical role that science and engineering play in addressing the pressing environmental challenges of our time.


To enhance societal welfare by developing skilled and committed professionals to address pressing environmental issues using sustainable strategies.



Provide rigorous education by employing innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to effectively confront current and emerging environmental challenges.

Equip future leaders with essential skills to develop sustainable solutions for pressing environmental, societal, and climatic issues.

Cultivate a new generation of environmental educators and researchers capable of effectively tackling complex environmental challenges.


Ideal Location

Proximity to biodiversity-rich forest ecosystem of the Eastern Ghats; Coastal ocean of the Bay of Bengal; and one of the global wetlands deemed to be of international importance under the Ramsar Convention (Kolleru Lake).

Unparalleled Curriculum

Design your curriculum that is research and industry-oriented with a large number of electives to meet global industry standards and research requirements.

Broad Spectrum of Specialities

Specialise in topics of your interest and global significance (Ecology & biogeochemistry of terrestrial and aquatic systems; Climate change modelling & atmospheric processes; Techno-economic analysis, Microplastics, etc.)

One Course, Many Labs

Opportunity to work in the Central Environmental Science Laboratory and several specialised laboratories including, Environmental Science and Engineering Lab, Terrestrial Ecology and Modelling Lab, Resource Management Lab

Summer Internship

Mandatory summer internships in national or international research institutes/industries based on your interests and career/research orientation.

Vibrant Research Environment

Highly dynamic faculty, scholars and fellows specialised in a broad array of research areas with well-established pedagogy and a proven research track.

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