Department of Environmental Science and Engineering - SRM University, AP

The Department of Environmental Science and Engineering explore various aspects of human-environment interactions and works on developing long-lasting, sustainable solutions for the most pressing environmental issues. Faculty members with immense experience from highly reputed international and national institutes provide training to students to solve environmental issues on a local to global scale.

Message from HOD

Study Ecology and Biogeochemistry of terrestrial and/or aquatic systems to understand ecosystem response to ongoing global climate change and anthropogenic pressures. Specialize in energy production, water treatment and nano-catalyst synthesis for a sustainable future. Go the techno-economic analysis route for a sustainable bioeconomy. Or looking for a career in solid waste management to reduce environmental burden. Any direction you choose, our department provides a unique platform to stimulate students’ passion under the supervision of highly dynamic faculty


Ideal Location

Proximity to the Western Ghats; Biodiversity rich forest ecosystem of the Eastern Ghats; Coastal ocean of the Bay of Bengal; and one of the global wetlands deemed to be of international importance under the Ramsar Convention (Kolleru Lake).

Unparalleled Curriculum

Design your curriculum that is research and industry-oriented with a large number of electives to meet global industry standards and research requirements.

Broad Spectrum of Specialities

Specialise in topics of your interest and global significance (Ecology & biogeochemistry of terrestrial and aquatic systems; Climate change modelling & atmospheric processes; Techno-economic analysis, Microplastics etc.)

One Course, Many Labs

Opportunity to work in the Central Environmental Science Laboratory and several specialised laboratories including Resource Lab, Net Zero Lab, Aquatic Ecology & Biogeochemistry Lab, Tropical Forest Ecology Lab and Hydrology Lab.

Summer Internship

Mandatory summer internships in national or international research institutes/industries based on your interests and career/research orientation.

Vibrant Research Environment

Highly dynamic faculty, scholars and fellows specialised in a broad array of research areas with well-established pedagogy and a proven research track.

Current Happenings