Sruti Poolla on the highs and highlights

From the virtual tour of the campus to online learning and events, Sruti Poolla, student of Class of 2023 at SRM University, AP has been wowed by the experiences she has had. Bonding with her batch mates from around the country and participating in diverse discussions, she has learned the importance of looking at global problems from different perspectives. As she eagerly waits to explore the campus, Sruti offers her own perspective on her first year in college.

“Can you believe it; I have been doing my B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics from SRM University, AP for a year but haven’t visited the campus once! But we are playing with the cards we have been dealt with and it’s been a lot of fun.

We had a virtual tour of the campus again on the orientation day, and it just blew my mind. I saw the library and the hostel rooms and was completely bowled over. I cannot wait to get on the campus and visit the library, as well as the basketball court. Besides that, I want to sing on stage.

It has been a joyride right from the virtual orientation where we had all our queries about the University and department answered. The online Freshers event was a lot of fun, and I have also participated in carnivals.

As far as learning goes, I really didn’t think it was possible online. But our faculty members have gone to great lengths to make it engaging and exciting for us. We have our classes on Zoom and we have breakout rooms, polls, which encourage us to participate in the learning process.

It has also offered us the platform to interact with our peers and batch mates. We are connected on Whatsapp groups and have bonded quite well. Interacting with students from different states, backgrounds, and cultures is an enriching experience in itself.

I’d say that my friends are quite opinionated, which is great because you are always learning something new. In fact, that has been my biggest learning experience so far – knowing that there are many perspectives to any global problem.

I am really looking forward to being on campus so that I can explore my college years to the fullest. We have all the platforms to take on new challenges and grow into well rounded individuals and professionals. I am definitely ready for it.”

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