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  • Journey of civil engineering students to New York University March 11, 2022

    civil students new york university

    By earning a ticket to NYU Tandon School of Engineering for the Master’s programme, Students of Civil Engineering; Jayaram Chowdary Dasari, S Yogendra Gopinath and Leela Sujan Sai Borra have added one more feather in the department’s cap. It is a matter of joy and pride for the Department of Civil Engineering and the university as more and more students are getting admitted to international universities. Harnessing the true potential of each student and preparing them for a bigger world have always been the primary focus of SRM University-AP.

    They are groomed from a very early stage to reflect on their educational objectives and initiate the appropriate action. “I had started my preparation way ahead and cleared the GRE and IELTS tests, then I consulted my Professors Dr Bhagath sir, Dr Narasimha Murthy sir and Dr Uma Maheswar Rao sir for guidance and with their help, I shortlisted the universities and the best programmes which can fulfil my future goals,” said Yogendra.

    “We will never forget our faculty members for their immense support in helping us find the right universities, and also for the initiatives taken by the department such as conducting webinars to educate students about the application procedure for higher studies.” Borra and Jayaram also marked their gratitude to the department.

    The Office of International Relations at the university has also played a crucial part in their achievement as it walked them through the right procedures for an overseas application. “I shall forever be thankful to Dr Shweta ma’am for her valuable guidance on drafting an incredible SoP” added Yogendra.

    An enriching learning environment with exposure to global educational practices rendered at SRM University-AP will foster the right academic spirit in students and enable them to move ahead with better clarity of purpose. Also, training imparted by the expert faculty will help them gather deeper insights and transform themselves into professionals in their respective fields.

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  • A Wearable Face Shield: Pioneering engineering invention March 5, 2022

    The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is proud to announce the remarkable achievement of the students Chebrolu Taraka Sai Tanishq and Vellampalli Medha V Subrahmanya Aditya. They have designed a wearable face shield and secured the second position in IEEE Covigilance, 2021 – A pan India student contest based on Covid-19 relief do it yourself equipment design and development, under the guidance of Dr Anirban Ghosh, and got a patent published for their prototype developed as part of the competition. The team also participated in the 4th Research Day organized by SRM University-AP and received a gold medal.

    The prototype was submitted in the design competition on July 30, 2021, and after 40 days of rigorous brainstorming, component procurement and prototype development, the final model was submitted for evaluation. Based on prototype execution, feasibility of manufacturing and suitability of the model to contain the spread of the pandemic, the team secured second place in the Pan India contest, and it was deemed fit to address the two criteria; innovation challenges like Innovation of homemade masks/shields/PPEs and innovation of a feasible solution to control covid-19 spread while the schools and colleges are reopening. Further, this prototype was submitted to the patent office under the name “A Wearable Face Shield” (Application no:202241000990) and the patent was published on January 21, 2022.

    Their accomplishment bears testimony to the fact that unflinching determination towards your goals and consistent efforts to make them come true will always pay off. Designing a wearable face shield is a well-timed innovation as the pandemic shows no sign of retreat and face shield has become one of the daily necessities of all mankind.

    About the Prototype

    The wearable face shield is a medical protective device, and it comprises a frame for securing the shield to the head of a wearer, a transparent sheet extending from the frame, a detection circuit that is mounted on the frame, a switch, and a battery module. The detection circuit comprises of a control unit that processes the sensed data received from proximity and temperature sensors to generate output signals and an alerting unit that comprises LEDs, buzzer and it provides an indication of– (i) the presence of a detected external object within a pre-determined distance of the wearer (ii) the sensed body temperature of the wearer. The alerting unit is placed strategically to alert people via visual and audio signals respectively.

    Such precautionary detection and proximity alert prototype can prove instrumental in early diagnosis and isolation aiding in crowd management and free movement in places of social gathering. Hence, a wearable face shield ensures adequate separation between persons and facilitates temperature monitoring and early detection of disease.

    They are currently working on a project called “Human Monitoring System” (HUM). It is an all-pervasive system designed to measure and keep track of the heartbeat, blood pleasure, temperature, location, Spo2 level etc of the user. In the event of an emergency or critical drop in any of the vitals, the system can automatically alert the local hospital, ambulance service and relatives.

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  • An incredible feat of Mechanical Engineering student March 5, 2022

    admission overseas universities

    It is a moment of pride and celebration for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at SRM University-AP as Hariharan D, Final year, BTech Mechanical Engineering bags admission offers from multiple top-ranked overseas universities including the University of Manchester that ranks 27 in the QS World University Rankings.

    Moulding up the students through the right training and plotting out the right pathway for them to scale further heights have always been the primary objective of the faculty of SRM University-AP. “Happy to hear that you got placed in a core dream company. I hope this will not dampen your aspirations to go for higher studies. Indeed, students like you should study as far as you can. You should bring more laurels to this institution and make us proud”, this was the message Hariharan received from his faculty mentor, Dr Pramod Jammy, which kindled his spirit to set off for higher studies abroad.

    “I am ever grateful to my beloved faculty mentors, Dr Pramod Jammy, Dr Lakshmi Sirisha and Dr Surfaraz Halkarni, for their constant support, inspiration and Letter of Recommendations provided amidst their busy schedules. I also thank my Department Head, Dr Prakash Jadhav, for his continuous motivation”, remarked Hariharan.

    According to him, creating an imposing CV and impactful SoP is the deciding factor of the application process. He expressed his gratitude to the entire department for their effective involvement in every bit of the application process. “To build an attractive SoP and resounding CV, we need credentials like decent CGPA, involvement in departmental activities such as webinars, internships, workshops, minor projects, software skills, etc. Also, the close association with the department faculties right from the first year is essential to get their affinity and the commendable Letter of Recommendations” he added.

    Forging a conducive platform to actualize one’s potential and chase after the life of one’s dreams is what makes SRM University-AP the topmost priority of students. Hariharan has set out an ideal example for many to follow and believe in their dreams coming true with SRM University- AP.

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  • SRMAP Scholar wins best oral presentation award in International Conference March 4, 2022

    Mr Chandra S Bhatt, a PhD Scholar (CSIR-JRF) working under the guidance of Dr Anil K Suresh, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, has won the Best Oral Presentation Award at the International Conference on “Novel Materials and Technologies for Energy Applications,” organised by BITS Pilani-Hyderabad, on February 18-19, 2022. Prof Ashutosh Sharma, Former DST Secretary & Institute Chair Professor, IIT Kanpur, was the Chief Guest of the Conference.


    Mr Bhatt’s project aims to develop the best out of waste, which is practically demonstrated by synthesising gold nanostructured eggshell-based supported catalyst. Besides this novel strategy, the megacatalyst is implemented in the real-time degradations of organic and sewage dyes that are harmful to the environment and hydrogenation of nitroarenes at gram-scale (precursors for various pharmaceutical ingredients). Our rationale, naturally created, stable, reusable, hand-removable, resilient catalyst developed from left-over food waste trounces the majority of the existing challenges while utilising nano-based catalysts for heterogeneous catalysis.

    With this innovation, Mr Bhatt aims to demonstrate pilot-scale (100-1000 litre) batch catalytic reactions for real-time textile sewage dye detoxification and gram scale hydrogenation of pharma-precursor for the production of acetaminophen, as a step of validation for immediate technology transfer and commercialisation for both environmental remediation and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s).

    About the Author:

    Mr Bhatt aims to continue his scientific career as a prominent scientist in the interdisciplinary area of nano-immunology for cancer theragnostics. Therefore, after the completion of his PhD, he wishes to advance his research career to contribute further to the realm of science upon postdoctoral training from a top-ranking institution abroad.

    “It is indeed a moment of pride for me to be awarded the Best Oral Presentation Award in an International Conference organised by BITS Pilani, Hyderabad, winning over 30 participants across the Nation. I express my heartfelt gratitude to my supervisor Dr Anil K Suresh, for his guidance and motivation me throughout the journey,” said Mr Bhatt.

    While expressing his joy, Dr Suresh emphatically said, “This was his first oral presentation in an International Conference, and he was conferred with the “Best Oral Presentation” Award. This recognition speaks for Chandra Sekhar’s dedication to his research. He has been working enthusiastically on this project, and I wish that the paper gets published in a high-impact journal which has already been communicated for Shekar’s bright scientific career.”

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  • Pursue Your Dream of Overseas Education with SRMAP February 25, 2022

    pursue overseas education SRMAPPursuing higher education in universities of international repute is perhaps a long-cherished dream of every student. SRM University-AP has always been at the forefront in providing the right avenues for students to explore their inherent talents and in equipping them with the right skillset through educational practices and research programmes of global standard.

    It is an honour for SRM University-AP to announce that three of our students; Varanasi Koundinya, Sai Nived Chandanam and Jayanth Devarajugattu of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering have secured admission in the University of Texas at Dallas to the Master of Science in Computer Engineering programme for the Fall 2022 semester.

    Exposure to state-of-the-art technological facilities and involvement in research-oriented pedagogical practices enable students to outperform in a world where technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Courses anchored in a multi-stream framework empower students to specialize across disciplines, thereby expanding their choice of higher studies in and outside the country.

    In the words of Jayanth Devarajugattu, a strong collaboration of the university with international universities and industries across the globe have been of immense help to seize an opportunity for overseas education. He also marked his gratitude to the faculty members who have provided him with effective guidance throughout the research. “I am extremely grateful to Ramesh Vaddi sir, Siva Sankar sir, Anirban sir, Gangi Reddy sir for guiding us throughout the process by helping us choose the right university and issuing a letter of recommendation”, he said.

    Associating with faculty members on various research projects will always offer new insights to students to think differently. “Dr Ranjit Thapa sir with his teaching and research work inspired me the most in pursuing my masters, I look up to him”, said Sai Nived.

    All of them expressed their gratefulness to the university for endowing them with appropriate training which helped them maintain good grades, conduct research and publish papers. “Your CGPA and paper publications play a crucial role in making into an international university of your choice”, they mentioned.

    The Inter-Disciplinary Experiential Active Learning (IDEAL) pioneered by SRM offers flexibility in course curriculum, thereby giving students the freedom of curating syllabus with respect to their interests and aspirations. Fostering an environment of academic freedom and prioritizing the interests of students in line with the demands of present times distinguish SRM University-AP as an emerging university of world-class standard. Working towards the dreams of students has always been the driving force behind the advancement of SRM University-AP.

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  • ‘Super Randonneur’ title for SRM AP student, Saiprasad Koneru for remarkable talent in cycling February 18, 2022

    Amravati, February 16, 2022

    SRM University-AP’s Computer Science Engineering student Koneru Saiprasad won the ‘Super Randonneur’ title for his outstanding talent in cycling. Saiprasad recently set a new record for the longest distance cycling organized by Audax Club India with its headquarters in Guntur, shortly after reaching the target.

    Saiprasad elaborated his quest with a beaming note, “On November 6, we cycled from Vijayawada to Nallajerla for 13 hours and then back to Vijayawada (200 km). Similarly, on November 27, he cycled from Vijayawada to Suryapeta on the Hyderabad route for 20 hours and then back to Vijayawada (300 km). He cycled from Vijayawada to Nakrekal for 27 hours on December 18 and back to Vijayawada (400 km). A week ago, he cycled from Guntur to Ramoji Film City and back to Guntur (600 km) in 40 hours, setting a record.”

    Saiprasad won the ‘Super Randonneur’ title reserved for those who complete these four events. Saiprasad informed that he has loved cycling since he was a child and focused on long-distance cycling during lockdowns. He dedicated his achievement to his parents and university professors for their support and encouragement in all possible ways.

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  • Startup incubated by BBA student crosses ₹1 crore turnover February 2, 2022

    Mr Lakshman Thatikonda, a 3rd year BBA student of SRM University-AP, has started his own business venture (TalentCrew), incubated at the Hatchlab Research Centre– The technology and livelihood business incubator of SRM University-AP.

    The talent crew is a skill-based startup. They are one of India’s largest multi-category customised gifting companies, providing one of the best-curated collections of festival merchandise, gifts, handicrafts, wedding cards, carvings & personalised products for all occasions & festivals. TalentCrew has a global footprint with customers spanning 20 plus countries and the capability to deliver gifts to over 50 countries and 300 plus cities in India. Mr Lakshman started this organisation on the principles of creativity, agility, and social responsibility.

    Over the next few years, TalentCrew envisions exploring and developing new products and services that will actively expand business while touching social responsibility.

    Experience at Hatchlab Research Centre

    The Hatchlab research centre aims to support SRM E-Cell’s mission of developing entrepreneurial talent and fostering the commercialisation of new ideas ventures. “Working with Hatchlab research centre was always a great experience. Here I found the fresh start for the innovation, and here the programme is very well structured with the right blend of practice,” says Mr Lakshman. “The best thing about this programme is that it allows me to learn while still being employed. And I always feel thankful for Dr Lakshmana Rao sir, for motivating me on every stand that I take, and Udayan Bakshi sir, for giving me such a wonderful opportunity” he added.

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  • Facebook Metaverse Spark AR Hackathon Winners January 27, 2022

    Skilling up is always encouraged at SRM University-AP. With cutting-edge technology and premier instructors provided to support curious, enthusiastic, and innovative minds, skilling up is fun, fantastic, and comes with fabulous prizes too.

    In the Metaverse Spark AR Hackathon conducted by Meta (Facebook), D Yogesh and Yash Agarwal have bagged the winner’s and runner’s up prizes of $300 and $200 respectively. Not just that, 154 of our students would take away from this competition lucrative goodies and participation certificates for their idea submissions.

    The CR&CS department organized workshops and trained our students specifically for this event alongside their regular upskilling for placements and other hackathons and contests.

    Over a huge number of students who participated in this contest from different corners of the globe, the students of SRMAP walking away with the prizes make a sizable chunk.

    We extend our heartfelt wishes to all the participants and hope to see them ace every challenge they face with the knowledge imparted and the skills honed here.


    “It was my first hackathon that I participated in and being a part of the SRM AP Hackathon Club has helped and motivated me greatly. Having an interest in AR/VR, this AR hackathon offered me a good opportunity to learn more about the technology. I attended a workshop, conducted by Meta where they introduced us to Augmented Reality. I learned how Instagram filters were made from scratch, and, in addition, I gained technical knowledge about Augmented Reality. I made an Instagram filter that was based on the PUBG Mobile game.

    As part of the hackathon, I would like to thank the CR&CS department for the smooth conduction of the hackathon. Also, I would like to thank Priyanka ma’am (link here) and Raghunathan sir (link here) for their time and assistance in the process. I’m very happy that I have acquired a new skill and looking forward to contributing to the Metaverse! Explore the 4.0 technologies”

    -Yogesh D

    “The hackathon was about creating an AR effect. I made an AR effect on the theme based upon the popularly known web series “SQUID GAMES”.

    A special thanks to one of my friends, S. Lokesh who helped me a lot to make me understand how to make an AR effect. I would like to thank Dr T. Raghunathan and Dr Priyanka from the SRM-AP Hackathon club for encouraging and guiding me to participate in this competition.

    I am eagerly waiting for many more Hackathons wherein I can participate under the guidance of the SRM-AP hackathon club. Winning doesn’t matter, but participation matters”

    -Yash Aggarwal

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  • Student venture enters global market with $500K investment from Y-Combinator January 23, 2022

    There is nothing more satisfying for a university to see its students achieving their dreams, scaling greater heights. What Sourav Sanyal and Miran Junaidi started as a curious, entrepreneurial adventure during their undergraduate studies has turned out to be a robust business plan attracting investors across the world. was founded by the duo to provide an automated, end-to-end video intelligence solution for enterprises to monitor surveillance cameras in real-time, leveraging pre-existing CCTV-IP infrastructure. The founders secured an angel investment of $1,20,000 during the initial phase itself from top VC’s and angels in India. On this date, the company has attracted another renowned global accelerator and Investor Y-Combinator with an investment offer of $500K (about INR 3.7 Cr) in This remarkable achievement also takes the total amount invested in the company close to $620K (INR 4.7 Cr) in a little more than 12 months since inception. No wonder the duo is celebrating with all their hearts.

    Y Combinator (YC) is one of the top American silicon-valley-based startup accelerators that funds the top companies of the world. YC has programmes, resources, and a community that supports founders throughout the company’s life. Airbnb, DoorDash, Stripe, Dropbox, CoinBase, Reddit, Instacart & Ginkgo Bioworks are a few of the prominent unicorns that were part of the past YC collaborations.

    “With the beginning of 2022, we embark on a new journey of Bringing Cameras to Life and creating analytics for the offline world with the help of billions of CCTV infrastructure that has existed for over a decade. Now with YC’s support, we wish to do more,” said Miran Junaidi, Co-Founder of the Company.

    “It has been the most exciting ride of my life. Starting up with while in university to graduating a couple of months ago with a major dream come true. We have learnt a lot and learnt it the hard way that ‘Idea isn’t king, execution is’. It has been the best couple of years, and there could not be a better time to start up. After testing and executing the waters on the national market, we are now aiming to expand in the global market and grow at lightspeed.” said Sourav Sanyal, Founder of the Company.

    “Y-Combinator picks just about 70 or fewer startups from India over 2 batches every year. This is a major milestone for our students and their startup. Miran and Sourav were extremely passionate about their company from the initial days. That is what motivated the world’s largest startup accelerator to believe in their startup. I am confident that investors and customers around the world will soon reinforce that belief and propel them to unicorn status,” said Dr Sathyanarayanan, President of the University.

    “We take immense pride and happiness in our student’s achievements, and this is still just the beginning. I am certain that this milestone will continue to inspire not only our current students but also all the students out there with entrepreneurial ambitions. Here, at SRMAP, our primary focus is to bring out the best among our students, be it research, entrepreneurship or higher studies,” said Prof V S Rao, Vice-chancellor, SRM University-AP.

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  • Ms Lakshmi Bhargavi presents a paper at IACC-2021 hosted by University of Malta, Europe January 7, 2022

    Paper at IACC-2021 hosted by University of MaltaBeing a researcher demands commitment, sustained effort, and a high level of inspiration. Ms Lakshmi Bhargavi from 3rd-year Computer Science Engineering has presented a paper titled “Application of distributed back propagation neural network for dynamic real-time bidding” at the 11th International Advanced Computing Conference (IACC-2021), hosted by the University of Malta, Europe. It is a reputed conference indexed in Scopus and DBLP, having H-index 25.

    The research is based on the backend of ad placement on websites which involves finances. The process involves finding the best deal between the dealer and the supplier. In the present system, the bid is prefixed, thereby reducing the possibility of optimal budget utilisation. In comparison, Ms Lakshmi’s research uses an ML algorithm, which is dynamic and learns from the previous bids. This research has resulted in 15% lower costs for the suppliers, thereby saving a lot of money and resulting in a better system.

    Abstract — Programmatic buying, popularly known as real-time bidding (RTB), is a key ascendancy in online advertising. While data has become essential for targeting and ad performance, data businesses have become difficult to differentiate due to their proliferation, as well as limitations of attribution. This provides an opportunity for Big Data practitioners to leverage this data and use machine learning to improve efficiency and make more profits. In such an opportunity, the research came up with an application of a machine learning algorithm, distributed back propagation neural network, d-bpnn, to predict bid prices in a real-time bidding system. This paper depicts how d-bpnn is used to achieve less eCPM for advertisers while preserving win rate and budget utilisation.

    The 11th International Advanced Computing Conference (IACC-2021) was hosted by the University of Malta, Europe, with an H-index of 25. The conference is indexed in Scopus and DBLP and in collaboration with Springer. A few selected papers will be published in SCOPUS/SCI Indexed journals. The presentation was held on 19th December 2021. It was an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in Futuristic Research Techniques.

    Let’s hear from Ms Lakshmi:

    My university has been with me in every step taken towards this conference. I would like to thank the mentoring of Dr Priyanka throughout the writing and presentation of the paper. The immense support of SRM AP management, my professors, HOD, Pro VC sir and VC sir made me reach the level to write a paper confidently and show my knowledge to the world.
    I feel honoured to present a good paper at a global conference. The experience and connections I made through this conference are priceless. It gave me new insights into several other technical domains. I believe I gave my best at the unique opportunity given to me and hopefully will continue to deliver good work in future too.

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