Dr. Ayapilla Narasimha Murthy

Department of Civil Engineering


  1. Mineralogy and Engineering Geology
  2. Geochemistry and Stable Isotopic Studies



Andhra University, Visakhapatnam


Cochin University


Geology Department, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam

Professional Service

  • Over 28 years of experience in Geology teaching & industry after obtaining Doctorate degree in Geology. Out of which 6 years Experience in open cast Iron ore mines in exploration, planning/ design, reserve estimation and preparation of feasibility/Geological reports.
  • 23 years as a Senior Officer of Group-A in Central Government Department dealing with Geological appraisal of 64 minerals
  • Participated as an Indian Delegation, Govt of India in Mining INDABA Summit held at Cape Town, South Africa during 9th to 12th Feb 2015.
  • Lecturer SRM University, A.P, Andhra Pradesh since September 2019

Research Interest

  • During Ph.D work, Dr. A.N.Murthy did extensive research in the fields of Geology, Optical Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Stable Isotopic Studies. His thesis was focussed on Origin and Geochemical study of Limestones from Duddukuru, West Godavari District, AP. The major, minor and trace elemental concentrations in Limestone beds in Godavari valley were analysed by standard methods and then interpreted suitable to find out the ancient environment. Further the Oxygen and carbon isotopic studies were carried for the first time in that area.

List of Publications

  • 1987 | A.Narasimha Murty and A.V.R.Sastry | First report of conodonts from the Infra-Trappean limestones at Duddukuru,Andhra Pradesh,India, Current Science,January 20,1987, Vol.56,N0,2,pp90-92.
  • 1988 | A.Narasimha Murty and A.V.R.Sastry
    | Error Estimates in Size Analysis of Marine Sediments, Published in Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, December 1988.Volume 17, pages 335-336.
  • 1992 | A.Narasimha Murty | Beneficiation of Graphite Flakes- A new Approach, Published in Indian Mining & Engineering Journal, April 1992,Volume -31. No.4, pages17-21.
  • 1998 | A.Narasimha Murty | Geoc Geochemistry and stable Isotopic Studies on the Depositional Environment of Infra- and Inter – Trappean Limestones from Duddukuru area,A.P. published in Indian Mining & Engineering Journal, May 1998.Volume -37. No.5, pages13-15.
Departmental Magazines/Souvenir
  • Waste dump management in Goan Iron ore mines , Published in Souvenir, 13th Mines Environment  &  Mineral Conservation Council,Goa region,2001-02, pages-88-89.
  • Pollution of Surface Waters due to Mining activities in Goa and its Controls, Published in Souvenir, 14th Mines Environment & Mineral Conservation Council,Goa region,2002-03,pages-83-85.
  • Need for Environmental Concern in Silica sand mines, Published in Souvenir, 15th Mines Environment & Mineral Conservation Council,Goa region,2004-05,pages-88-89
  • Mining Waste and its impact on Human Health, Published in Souvenir, 16th Mines Environment & Mineral Conservation Council, Goa region, and 2003-04, pages-76-78.
  • Need for Generation of Base line data and monitoring of Environmental parameters, Published in Souvenir, 17th Mines Environment & Mineral Conservation Council,Goa region,2005-06,pages 81-83.
  • Mineral Threshold Values and Conservation aspects of Goa, Published in Souvenir 18th Mines Environment & Mineral Conservation Council,Goa region,2006-07,pages 85-86.
  • Compounds of Chlorine and its affects on Mine waters, Published in Souvenir 19th Mines    Environment & Mineral Conservation Council, Goa region,  2007-08, page-97.
  • Exploration Requirement and outlines of feasibility report under UNFC   system Published in     Souvenir19th Mines Environment & Mineral Conservation Council,Goa  region,2009-10,  p-119.
  • Need for sustainable Environmental practices in Limestone Mines of Rajasthan, Published in Souvenir 21st Mines Environment & Mineral Conservation Week, Ajmer Region, 2010-11.
  • Gold Mining and its affects on pollution Published in Souvenir 22nd Mines Environment & Mineral Conservation Week, Ajmer Region, 2011-12.
Hindi Magazine (Prayas)
  • King of gems, Published in prayas –II, 2003 (in Hindi).
  • Dating of Rocks, Published in prayas –III, 2005 (in Hindi).
Symposia (as a Co-author)
  • Graphite Beneficiation of Siva Ganga area, Ramnad district, Tamilnadu,South India by K.Kameswara Rao and A.Narasimha Murthy published in International Symposium held at natal, brazil,1985,pages1131-1143.
  • Graphite Mineralisation in Eastern Ghats with special reference to processing of low grades and flake seperation by K.Kameswara rao , A.Narasimha Murthy and V.K.Rao abstract published in Diamond Jubilee national Symposium, held at Dhanbad,1987,July,pages MR-III ,2-3.
  • Occurrence of Graphite in the Eastern Ghats with special reference to processing of low grade ores, by K.Kameswara Rao and A.Narasimha Murthy published in National Seminar held at Department of Geology,Andhra University,Visakhapatnam,1989,page35.
  • Genesis and exploration scenario of North Goan Iron ore by A.B.Panigrahi and A.N.Murthy Published in seminar on Iron Ores-Genesis and Exploration Techniques conducted by Society of Geoscientists and Allied Technologists, during 12 &13th Dec-2008 at Bhubaneshwar, Orissa State, Seminar Volume page Nos-, 41-50.
  • Reclamation, Rehabilitation practices in Goan iron ore Mines by A.B.Panigrahi and A.N.Murthy Published in International Convention on Clean, Green & Sustainable Technologies in iron & Steel making held during 15th – 17th July 2009, at Hotel Swosti Plaza, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India
As a co-author prepared Books of IBM publications (Monographs & Bulletins)
  • Monograph on Iron Ore, Mineral Facts and Problems No.17, September,1997.
  • Monograph on Copper Ore (Revised), Mineral Facts and Problems No.18, 1998
  • Monograph on Clay (Kaolin), Mineral Facts and Problems No.,,1999.
  • Bulletin on Fluorite Mining in India, Bull. No. 35,August.1997.
  • Bulletin on Application of Computers in Indian Mines, Bull. No.36, 1999.
  • Bulletin on Gypsum, Bull.No. 39,1999.


Contact Details

  • E-mail id:  narasimhamurty.a@srmap.edu.in