Sohith Chowdary received admission offers from world-class universities

admission multiple universities abroad

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering could not be prouder as their student Sohith Chowdhary Akkineni turned out to be the next in the line of the lucky handful who has received admission offers from various world-class universities. Giving wings to the dreams of students makes the university a choice destination for next-generation where dreams are turned into reality.

With its priority being, teaching the students to dream big and facilitating their journey ahead, more students have found a place to initiate the primary strides towards a world of opportunities looming ahead. They bring laurels back to the university by placing its name on the global map. Sohith Chowdary has also reciprocated his love and respect for SRM University-AP by making the best use of the conducive learning atmosphere, experienced faculty, and cutting-edge infrastructure which opened the doors for higher studies abroad. He received admission offers from the University of Maryland, Northeastern University-Boston, George Washington University with a scholarship of 25% of the tuition fee, and Rochester Institute of Technology with yet another whopping scholarship of $15,561.

“I am indeed grateful to my HOD, Siva Sankar sir for giving me deeper insights into the course I have chosen, and to Swetha ma’am of International Relations Office for helping me get the necessary documents from the college. Besides, I would also like to thank all my professors, Sujith Kalluri sir, Gangi Reddy Salla sir, and Sateeshkrishna Dhuli sir for their Letters of Recommendation”, said Sohith. He also expressed his desire to start a career in the field of research in Telecommunication Networks.

As a word of advice to his juniors, Sohith said, “Choose a course that interests you, rather than following everyone else, do research in the course you have chosen, and apply to international universities preferably before the priority deadline”. With the number of students enrolling into international universities rising, SRM University-AP continues to build a legacy of its own in the domain of global education.

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