CSE students bagged 2nd prize at I-Wallet design competition organised by IIT Bombay

Design competitionSoha Muskaan Sayyad, Samah Maaheen Sayyad, Juhita Naga Priya Velagapudi, and Trisha Chilukuri from 2nd-year Computer Science Engineering have achieved 2nd place in the I-Wallet Design Techfest, organised by IIT Bombay. Dr Sonam Maurya, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, guided the students to achieve this incredible feat.

The students started their work in December and explored a lot about IoT while working on it. More than 100 teams participated in this competition. In January, ten teams got selected for the second round, i.e., Report Submission, and our students were one of them. In February, based on the reports submitted, six teams, including our students, were selected for the final round, i.e., to present the proposed idea to the judges’ panel. Finally, the students bagged second place in the competition with cumulative prize money of INR 90,000.

Regarding the I-Wallet, students say that “Smart Wallet is an easy-to-use wallet that is designed for providing secured transactions”. It has minimal energy consumption, more security, and a few advanced features, some of which are not included in the regularly used wallets. The advanced IoT features enable it to be kept in our pockets with smartphones and smartwatches. The design received recognition from the expert panel members based on these features.

The team has also initiated the process to file a patent on the design of wallet. Students expressed their gratitude to Dr Sonam Maurya, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, for her relentless guidance and continuous support towards the project. They also thanked SRM University-AP for providing the opportunity to participate in this national level competition organised by IIT Bombay.

Prof B V Babu, Dean, School of Engineering and Sciences, appreciated the students and their faculty mentors. “Keep up the good work, continue to excel in all your future endeavours at professional and personal levels and bring laurels to your alma mater”, he said in the congratulatory message.

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