Students Achievements

  • Three international offers in Japan: Placement 2022 hits a new peak December 6, 2022

    international placement in japanJapan boasts the third-largest economy in the world. Being an incredible destination for aspirants, Japan proffers limitless opportunities and a rewarding career. The International offers in Japan are the brand-new addition to the success saga of placement 2022 at SRM University-AP. Three students from the class of 2022 have been placed with the international firm PVP in Japan with a lucrative salary package of 45 LPA. Alex Martin Mason, Ravi Srihitha, and Sahitha Yalamanchili of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering are making the institution proud with their academic rigour and industrial skillset.

    Japan is well known for its concrete work ethic and fascinating culture. For students to be placed in Japan, more than just technical training, Japanese language proficiency and cultural knowledge are equally important. The Directorate of Corporate Relations and Career Services made sure to equip the students with intensive training in the Japanese language and culture. The international placement is also a commendable achievement for the team working exclusively on Japanese placements.

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  • Acing national-level innovation marathon November 23, 2022

    National level VOIS for Tech Innovation MarathonVishal and Akanksha, students of SRM University- AP, won the National level VOIS for Tech Innovation Marathon 2022, which began on October 14 in Pune. They received a cash prize of Rs.2 lakhs, along with certificates and mementoes. Vodafone India, Voice, and Connecting Dreams Foundation jointly organised the Technology Marathon-2022 competition to bring out the latent technological creativity among engineering students.

    Five hundred sixty teams from all over the country participated in the competition. Third-year Computer Science Engineering students Vishal Kumar Singh and Akanksha Patil participated in the competition on behalf of SRM University- AP. Both showed excellent talent and bagged the first position in the three-stage project presentation, Q&A, and review competitions. The organisers rewarded them with Rs.2 lakh and other souvenirs.

    The winners, Vishal and Akanksha, were felicitated by President Dr P Satyanarayanan, Vice Chancellor Prof Manoj K Arora, and Registrar Dr Prem Kumar of SRM University- AP on Tuesday.

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  • Doctoral scholar secures visiting fellowship November 9, 2022

    Jayasree Visiting fellowship

    Exposure to international research opportunities promotes empirical learning at an impeccable level. International research ventures aid scholars to explore novel research avenues enabling a transformative progress for society through the field of science. The Department of Chemistry is glad to announce that Ms Jayasree K, PhD scholar, has been accepted for Short-Term Research Internship (STRI) for a period of six months from the Research Center of Environmental Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan.

    Ms Jayasree has been elevated in receiving the offer and delightfully keen on the new avenues she could explore through this opportunity. She is currently working in the field of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). In this particular research area, her major research objective is the design and development of a novel SERS substrate for food and bioanalysis.

    “My internship mentor, Prof. Vinoth Kumar, KMU University is an expert in mass spectroscopy and High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Therefore, I have an option to hyphenate the Raman technique along with mass spectroscopy which leads Raman research to the next level for various applications”, commented Ms Jayasree on this incredible opportunity.

    Her internship at Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) is based on the motive of research on food and environmental toxicity which would provide guidance on her first research project in the field of food analysis.

    She has offered her sincere gratitude to her supervisor, Dr Rajapandiyan JP, Department of Chemistry for his constant support and advice from the application process to proposal writing, experimental planning etc. She also thanked SRM University- AP in providing support through the process and extending travel allowance and guidance.

    Ms Jayasree utilizes this great opportunity to explore and discover herself, developing both personally and professionally. Through this internship she hopes to learn new skills, expand her knowledge in the field of research and explore career options in Taiwan.

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  • A champion in the making! October 17, 2022

    A Champion in the Making

    Mastering martial arts is not an easy feat as it demands an exorbitant amount of effort from our physical as well as mental capability. Truly excelling in a martial art form can only be achieved through the manifestation of hardwork, perseverance and unwavering willpower. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is proud to announce that Ms Bala Ramya Sri Yerramreddy has been selected for the Wushu Championship at the 36th National Games, 2022.

    Ms Bala Ramya had previously secured gold at both District and State Level Wushu competitions. Through her journey, she has exhibited strong willpower and dedication to reach these heights. She encourages students to pursue any field of sports or martial arts to attain a peaceful mental constitution as well as physical well-being. Martial arts also equips one with self-defence techniques against physical conflict.

    Wushu, an ancient form of hard and soft Chinese martial arts, trains students with superior combat skills for self-defence and promotes sound mental and physical health. One is truly robust only with a healthy balance between well-tuned mind and body.

    Her journey to the National Games 2022 representing the state of Andhra Pradesh is awe inspiring and an accomplishment of incredible pride.

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  • 15 Lakh investment for Manideep’s Hatchlab venture SPOCSQ Pvt October 6, 2022

    investment for startupMaking an impact on society through revolutionary innovations is not an everyday thing. Manideep Surusomayajula from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering bagged an investment of 15 Lakh for his Hatchlab venture SPOCSQ Pvt. This is the first investment that has been secured by the startup project.

    His startup deals with chip-based certification processes using Blockchain Technology. SPOCSQ is in the process of developing a tamper-proof certificate system based on chip and blockchain technology.

    The investing company ThredzIT Information Technology Pvt. Ltd is willing to invest 20-30 Lakh for the final version of the product. This achievement is a milestone in Manideep’s career as it demonstrates his passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.

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  • An incredible journey to the India Book of Records September 26, 2022

    India Book of Records

    It is a moment of immense pride for SRM University- AP to welcome a new record maker into our midst. P Vishnu Vardhan from the Department of Computer Science Engineering has carved his name into the India Book of Records for performing 48 double-under jump rope skips in 20 seconds. He has also managed to set two records in the National Book of World Records. When most surrender their favourite hobbies to the rush of our work and academic life, this incredible student has displayed hardwork and dedication to transform his hobby into a national record.

    Mr Vishnu Vardhan comments on the multiple times he succumbed to giving up his hobby of skipping ropes but realised that it was a space of refuge amidst the pressures of the world. He has shown an incredible feat of courage and dedication to set this impressive record by braving the rejection that he initially had faced.

    “When I came to know about the India Book of Records, it was my parents who made me apply for it but I was rejected the first time. I had lost all hope but my friends supported me to pursue my passion for skipping rope and also helped with my academics. Finally I have entered into the National Book of Records, twice and the India Book of Records as well”, he said.

    He has extended a heartfelt note towards his parents and his friends, M Surya Teja and K Nithin, for their undying support and confidence that has guided him to attain this amazing achievement.

    Mr Vishnu Vardhan hopes to represent SRM University- AP at the All India Inter University rope skipping competition and provide further laurels for the institution. His journey to setting national records proves that with passion, endurance and a generous amount of optimism, even the unachievable could be achieved.

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  • PhD scholars attended the INUP-i2i Familiarisation Workshop at IIT Kharagpur August 18, 2022

    INUP-i2i Familiarisation Workshop The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) established the Indian Nanoelectronics User’s Programme (INUP) about a decade ago with the intention of improving skilled manpower in the areas of micro and nanoelectronics. This has laid the necessary foundation for the next step of the programme, INUP-i2i. It is a matter of pride that four PhD students from the Department of Chemistry attended the INUP-i2i Familiarisation Workshop on Nanofabrication and characterisations held from August 10 to 12, 2022, at IIT Kharagpur. Mr Syed Akhil, Mr Rahul SIngh, Mr Manoj Palabathuni, and Mr Subarna Biswas are the scholars who have grabbed this incredible opportunity.

    Indian Nanoelectronics User’s Programme- Idea to Innovation (INUP-i2i) is developed to facilitate and support the generation of expertise in Nanoelectronics through participation and utilisation of the facilities at Nano-centres at IISc Bangalore, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras, and IIT Guwahati.

    INUP will provide easy access to state-of-the-art nanofabrication and characterisation facilities to researchers, thereby creating a critical mass of hands-on experimental researchers across the country. This workshop is being organised both for familiarisation and interaction of the participants with faculty members of IITKGP. INUP has provided the accommodation and food for these shortlisted students. At the end of the workshop, they presented a poster as well.

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  • Tummala Bhuvitha bags 3 gold in state-level rifle shooting August 12, 2022

    Rifle shooting gold

    Tummala Bhuvitha, Computer Science Engineering student at SRM University-AP showed exceptional talent in the 22nd state-level rifle shooting competition organised at Hyderabad Central University under the aegis of the National Rifle Association of India. She won the first position and 3 gold medals in the 10m air rifle shooting competitions held in senior, junior and youth categories, respectively.

    More than 100 shooters from Andhra Pradesh took part in the competition held from the 4th to 7th of this month. Participating in the competition from SRM AP, Bhuvitha stunned the organisers by winning three gold medals in a row. Bhuvitha had won gold medals twice in the past in state and national level rifle shooting competitions held in different places. According to her father, Bhuvitha learned shooting techniques from Subrahmanyeshwar Rao, the coach at the Indian Academy of Shooting Sports in Vijayawada.

    “I grew passionate about rifle shooting because it is an individual sport that requires so much concentration and focus”, says Ms Bhuvitha while sharing the joy of her success. University President Dr P Satyanarayanan, Vice-Chancellor Prof V S Rao and Registrar Dr R Premkumar praised Bhuvitha for winning three gold medals consecutively in state-level competitions.

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  • Mr Shaik Rajak attended the SERB-funded workshop on vehicular communication August 2, 2022

    SERB Workshop SRMAP

    The students of SRM University-AP leave no stone unturned to expand their knowledge horizons and strengthen their research endeavours as they are trained to translate every single experience into lessons of learning fortifying their perpetual journey as researchers, teachers, or entrepreneurs. The university facilitates them to explore all possibilities of learning paving their way to becoming complete professionals. They are encouraged to partake in numerous activities such as seminars, conferences, and workshops happening within and outside the country.

    It is a cause for pride to know that one of our PhD scholars, Mr Shaik Rajak from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, working under the guidance of Dr Sunil Chinnadurai, has attended the prestigious Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) funded High-end Workshop on Vehicular Communications for Next-Generation Intelligent Transportation Systems conducted at IIT Indore. Mr Rajak was one of the few participants who was invited to attend the workshop based on his merit and research publications out of 300+ applications received from all over the country.

    The workshop deliberated upon the future of the transportation industry of the country. The present transportation infrastructure demands efficient intelligent transportation systems (ITS) because of the increasing population, traffic congestion, etc. Vehicular communication is a key enabler for the next-generation ITS applications such as platooning, remote vehicle monitoring, etc. The fundamentals of vehicular communication systems along with advanced coding techniques, modelling of vehicular channels, various radio access technologies for next-generation ITS, connected and automated vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) communication, ITS standardization activities, vehicular Internet-of-Things (IoT) networks, and advanced network security techniques specific to vehicular networks were discussed in the meeting.

    The workshop immensely helped Mr Rajak to learn more about his research areas; the advancements in the field of intelligent transportation systems, the current challenges, and a few research directions to solve the existing problems. “I could meet with many speakers and participants from various IITs, NITs and other central universities and get involved in enriching discussions,” he said. “The hands-on sessions also gave a better perspective on the existing knowledge base” added Mr Rajak. The workshop augmented his research outlook on ITS, vehicular channels: its characterisation and modelling, advanced coding techniques in vehicular communications, and vehicular IoT networks in real-time scenarios. He marked his gratitude to SRM University-AP for granting him an opportunity to be part of the high-end workshop.

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  • BSc Psychology students to pursue Masters in the UK, US universities August 1, 2022

    Sravani Govindu Greenwich UniversitySravani Govindu is proud to be a part of the first ever batch of Psychology from SRM University-AP. She is always amazed by the influence the faculty and friends had on her character development throughout the years. Sravani recollects how she was an unbothered soul without any focus before joining the university and what she became after experiencing the rhythm of the campus. During her university life, she recognised the value of having a sense of purpose. The continuous efforts from the faculty to provide the right amount of guidance and motivation will forever be a fuelling force in Sravani’s career. She is beyond grateful to the supportive academic community on the campus which became her backbone whenever she was uncertain. The value-oriented course structure at SRM AP encouraged her on many levels. Sravani adores the welcoming aura of the campus and the dynamics between students from various states and countries. She is ready to welcome a new chapter at Greenwich University while holding a bunch of memories from SRM AP.

    Meenu RoyUniversity of Westminster, UKMeenu Roy is proud to be an SRMite and belongs to the first batch of Psychology at the University. She is in awe of the momentum her personality growth acquired from the eventful campus life. Clubs and other university activities helped her try things beyond her expectations. She enjoyed the whole process of exploring herself throughout the academic venture at SRM University-AP. She finds it fortunate to have a supportive academic ecosystem at her crucial career junction. Meenu is about to pursue her master’s degree from the University of Westminster, UK. Her admiration towards the faculty and friends she had at SRM AP grows further as she continues to go places and prove herself. A part of the campus life and wisdom she enjoyed at the university will stay with her for a lifetime while she keeps on adding value to the recognition of SRM University-AP with her academic intelligence.

    Uha Lakkireddy Greenwich University, UKUha Lakkireddy recently completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from SRM University-AP. The tremendous support and motivation from the university have helped her nurture self-confidence and self-satisfaction. Uha noticed how she transformed as an individual from the time of enrolling in the university until the time of graduation. As a psychology student, she was able to grasp several interesting theories which had exciting applications in real life. In-depth details included in the course structure assisted her in the most unexpected but necessary situations. Uha finds it very fascinating that the graduation period has essentially taught her some extremely valuable life lessons. She remembers learning the importance of physical activities in maintaining mental health through Sports Psychology. Uha’s journey as an ardent Clinical Psychology student is taking a huge turn from SRM AP to Greenwich University, UK. She gives all the credit to her faculty and peers, who have always encouraged her to work hard.

    Chandrika Reddy Adelphi University, New YorkChandrika Reddy from BSc Psychology at SRM University-AP is excited to continue her studies in Psychology to the next level (Post Graduation) at Adelphi University, New York. She is among the bright students who have secured admission to global universities abroad. Chandrika ecstatically mentioned the exposure she collected from the carefully laid out curriculum and course structure at SRM AP. Her journey as an SRMite was quite eventful. She had excellent professors, classmates, and friends who contributed equally to her growth. She had various opportunities to get engaged in the activities aligned with the coursework and re-establish her hobbies. Being a student of the first graduating batch of BSc Psychology, Chandrika’s achievement is a motivation to all students. She thanked all the professors and peers for their kind support and encouragement throughout this journey.

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