Students Achievements

  • MSc Environmental Science Students Secure Paid Japanese Internship November 23, 2023


    The Department of Environmental Science and Engineering takes pride in announcing that 8 students of MSc Environmental Science programme have bagged a paid internship in the Fuji Academy Private Limited, a prestigious Japanese company. The students shall work on projects related to environmental sustainability and participate in various engaging activities like workshops and training sessions, in addition to networking with different stakeholders in the sustainability sector. It is important to note that the students secured this internship within 2 months of commencing their MSc programme.

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  • SRM University-AP Shines at FUSIONX-2023 October 9, 2023

    The second-year BTech team of SRM University-AP achieved remarkable success at the prestigious National Level Technical Competition FUSIONX-2023. The two-day event was held at S R Gudlavelluru Engineering College (SRGEC), where our team’s exceptional skills and knowledge earned them well-deserved laurels. It is a testament to our students and faculty’s hard work and dedication!

    Three of our students, Mr Sri Sai Manikanta, Mr Ashwanth, and Mr Ajit Kumar, were victorious in the Drone Extreme Challenge and received a cash prize of Rs. 2500. This technical event was held on September 14 and 15, 2023, and was organised by the Department of the Internet of Things (IoT) at SRGEC in collaboration with the Drone Club, ISF and ADYUGA EdTech Solutions.

    Hearty congratulations to the champions on this noteworthy accomplishment!


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  • Celebrating Talent: Third-year Physics Hons. Student Authors Book August 24, 2023

    simran website

    In a world of specialisations, it’s truly rare to come across individuals who manage to excel across multiple domains. One such shining star in our midst is Simran Kaushik, a third-year student from the Department of Physics, whose passion for space, physics, painting, and writing has not only set her apart but has also served as a beacon of inspiration for us all.

    As we celebrate the release of her second book, we take a closer look at the remarkable achievements of this young all-rounder. Ms Kaushik is a third-year BSc Physics Hons. student at SRM University-AP’s School of Engineering and Sciences (SEAS). She also holds the post of the President of the Space Club at the varsity.

    Titled, ‘Astroverse: Sci-fi Poems,’ is her second literary creation after ‘Petrichor’. The book is a collection that enlists 30 poems composed against a backdrop of space travel and exploration, astronomical phenomena, futurism, dystopia, droids, A I sentience and much more. Under these themes are encrypted stories, messages, events, original characters, their thoughts, lives and activities. Laid out in verses and rhymes, each poem is supported by drawings and illustrations by Ms Kaushik, making use of her unique and unconventional art style, as the drawings inspired ideas for certain poems and sometimes, vice versa.

    In a world that often encourages us to choose a single path, Simran stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when one dares to explore multiple avenues. We congratulate her on the publication of her second book and wish for many more to come.

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  • Physics Graduate Secures Two International Internships June 26, 2023

    Md-Shoaib International Internships

    In an era where competition in the job market is on the peek, internships give you an edge over the rest of your peers. It gives you an opportunity to get real-time experience and put to practise what you have learnt. But not everyone manages to acquire an internship, while most students manage to barely secure a single internship, Md Shoaib, has bagged not one, but two exciting international internships in the field of Quantum Physics!

    Here’s what Md Shoaib has to say on his remarkable achievement: “ I am excited to delve deeper into this topic and participate in enriching lectures, workshops, and interactions with experts in the field. It will be a valuable experience to learn from renowned Quantum scientists from various countries and broaden my understanding of Quantum Cryptography.”

    Md Shoaib, a BSc Physics (Hons) with Research student has secured the prestigious Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP) internship programme along with a Summer School “Quantum Cryptography” internship offered by the University of Gdańsk, Poland. The internships not only offer a stipend but also covers travel, accommodation and logistic expenses.

    We wish Md Shoaib the very best in his endeavour!

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  • EEE students venture into Entrepreneurship June 6, 2023

    Virxon Pvt Ltd SRM University AP

    HatchLab Research Centre, SRM University-AP aims at facilitating a conducive atmosphere where all types of businesses can grow and prosper especially in a socially backward place. Hatchlab has helped in developing multiple projects, but here’s a unique venture by fourth year
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    students, Gopichand and Avinash.

    Whilst the rest of their batch mates are awaiting lucrative offers from top-tech companies, this duo has decided to venture into Entrepreneurship. Gopichand and Avinash, despite societal pressure, have decided to live their dreams and co-founded Virxon Private Limited. These final year engineering students have developed an AI-based digital platform that would enable schools to post job openings for teachers, along with fully automated ERP and learning solutions for students. After surveying around 400+ schools. Virxon found that, there is a huge gap in the demand and supply which can be automated through AI tools and provide a complete solution which is missing in the market right now.

    Thrilled about their decision of swimming against the tide to choose a rather difficult path, these entrepreneur duo said -“It may appear that we might be slogging for 18 hours, and stay awake till 2 am in the morning, balancing our studies and our aspirations, but that is not the case. Our dreams keep us awake and our goals keep us going. We are definitely going to make a difference in society.”

    Currently, the students are being mentored on the business model and the marketing strategies by Mr. Jayaprakash Narayan, from HatchLab Research Centre, SRM University- AP.

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  • Economics Students Admitted to Esteemed Global Universities June 2, 2023

    economics student achievementGetting into one of the global universities of great repute is an impactful motivation for every aspiring student to accomplish even greater things. It opens the gateway to a promising career they have been passionately dreaming of. Two exceptional students from the Department of Economics have been offered admission to highly esteemed international higher education institutions. Gayatri and Sruti, the final year Economics students of SRM University-AP, have been accepted into the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, and the Russell Group Universities.

    Ms Gayatri Jonnala was ecstatic while reading the offer letter to study MSc at a leading global university. She has been accepted into the Erasmus School of Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, an institution among the QS top 50 universities.

    ‘‘The curriculum at SRM University-AP is very similar to the requirements of a Master’s in Economics abroad. Taking part in co-curricular and extracurricular activities helps build a holistic statement of purpose. The reading material in the library for the English proficiency tests was adequate for good preparation’’, said Gayathri while elaborating on her learning experiences at the campus.

    Ms Sruti Poolla was shocked and delighted to receive her offer letters from the world-renowned Russell Group Universities. She chose the University of Birmingham from the list of universities she has gotten accepted into. The Russell Group universities are known to be research intensive and very hard to get into because of their competitiveness. It is among the world’s top 100 universities, according to QS Ranking.

    ‘‘There was not much preparation I did. I had to write an English proficiency exam for which I prepared. The other aspects for admission were a statement of purpose, a letter of reference from my professors and my college transcripts. I can say that I have had good grades since my first semester, and my professors encouraged and trusted me enough to say good things in my LOR. The experience I’ve gained in my three years at SRM University-AP formed a good SOP for me to get accepted,” said Sruti while asked about her preparation strategy.

    Sruti and Gayatri shared how the faculty of SRM University-AP have been very enthusiastic to know about their future plans and constantly encouraged all students to choose the right career option. The varsity’s curriculum has improved the students’ knowledge in various subjects, which will only be an advantage for them while pursuing further education. Sruti extended her gratitude to the Dean-Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and all the faculty at the Department of Economics.

    ‘‘My dissertation supervisor, Dr Manzoor Hassan Malik and Prof. Bandi Kamaiah, provided continuous guidance and support to receive the offer letter from a prestigious university, for which I’m very thankful,’’ added Gayatri.

    Both look forward to a bright future after completing their master’s at reputed global universities.

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  • Best Oral Paper Presentation Award at AMCES – 2023 April 11, 2023


    The Department of Mechanical Engineering proudly congratulates G Chandra Mouli, PhD scholar for receiving the Best Oral Paper Presentation Award at the International Conference on Advances in Materials, Ceramics & Engineering Sciences (AMCES – 2023) organised by Dayananda Sagar University, Bangalore, held during March 13-15, 2023. The paper titled “A New Approach to Enhance Microhardness and Corrosion Resistance with In-Situ Shot-Peened Al – Zn Coatings on ZK60 Magnesium Alloy by Cold Spray” was awarded the first prize among the 200+ papers presented at the conclave.

    Congratulations to G Chandra Mouli and his mentor, Prof, GS Vinodkumar, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering for their cutting-edge research in enhancing the thickness, microhardness and corrosion resistance of metals!


    This paper aims to develop an improved microhardness and corrosion protective coating (Pure Al-Zn, Al-Zn-Al2O3 and Shot peened Al-Zn) on an Mg alloy substrate, by using the cold spray (CS) technique. A mixture of metal, ceramic/hard particles (Al2O3) and Shot-peened (Large Ni particles) has been used to improve the feedstock powder flowability and coating deposition efficiency. The long-term corrosion properties are evaluated by immersing these coupons in NaCl solution as a function of immersion time durations. The coatings are well-characterised for their structural, morphological, mechanical and electrochemical properties. Thus, it has been observed that in-situ-shot peening helps to enhance the thickness, microhardness and corrosion resistance.

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  • Academic Trio Secures Second Prize at Aakaar Symposium April 3, 2023


    The students of SRM University-AP are nurtured in a conducive educational ecosystem that moulds them into competent candidates ensuring research and academic success at national and international frontiers. The Department of Civil Engineering proudly congratulates Tanoogna Mallarapu, Jonnalagadda Cheritha and Gade Venkata Reddy, Final year BTech students for securing the second prize in the Paper presentation contest at the prestigious Aakaar Symposium held by The Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay on March 17 and 18, 2023. The trio presented their paper titled “Study of alternative flexible pavement design approaches suitable for Maine conditions” which was part of the students’ paid internship on an overseas (USA) research project funded by the Maine Department of Transportation, USA. A total of 47 groups participated in the contest from various domains of civil engineering from all over India. The academic cohort bagged the position of runners-up under the guidance and mentorship of the faculty advisor, Dr Uma Maheswar Arepalli, Assistant Professor, SRM Univeristy-AP.

    About the Symposium

    Aakaar is an annual symposium organized by the Department of Civil Engineering at IIT Bombay. The event comprises workshops, lecture series, panel discussions, industrial talks, exhibitions, and other activities. The festival also includes the Seventh International Civil Engineering Symposium (ICES), which aims to encourage young research enthusiasts to engage in rigorous research in civil engineering. ICES includes poster presentations, 3-minute thesis talks, city planning, and paper presentations. The symposium offers young and promising students enthusiastic about research the opportunity to present their work in front of experienced professors, civil engineering leaders, and industrialists.

    The team had the incredible opportunity to meet renowned academicians and industrialists and learn about various projects in the civil engineering domain. Their work was highly praised by the judges with Dr Dharmaveer, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Dept., IIT Bombay commenting that, “I enjoyed their presentation. I like their exposure to new tools and techniques, exploring new terms, learning, and understanding, which made them worthy.


    Tanoogna from the team stated her elevation in acquiring this success. “From the outset, I was motivated to participate in the competition and showcase my skills. Our advisor, Dr Uma Maheswar was always available to answer our questions, provide feedback on our work, and offer valuable insights that helped us refine our approach. His mentorship has played an integral role in our success, and we could not have accomplished this without his assistance. We are grateful for this opportunity and the platform that IIT Bombay provided us. It has been a fantastic journey, and I look forward to participating in more competitions and pushing my limits further,” said the young scholar.

    Cheritha also expressed her gratitude towards her team’s accomplishment and the valuable experience the symposium had provided. “We were able to show case our work and was able to present it effectively and secured 2nd place in the category of paper presentation. Participating in this event is an incredible experience for me to gain knowledge. I am very grateful for my advisor and my teammates Tanoogna and Venkata Reddy for their hard work towards the accomplishment of the project and for being there in difficult situations.”

    Venkat also commented that the event was beneficial in gaining knowledge and to present the project. The students thanked their mentor, Dr Uma Maheswar for the opportunities he had provided and his constant encouragement to strive for excellence.

    Dr Uma Maheswar, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, SRM University-AP also voiced delight in the incredible performance of his students. “From the beginning, I had the feeling that the topic has the potential to win this competition. But this team of students has made it a reality with their excellent technical and soft skills. It was a moment of immense pride and happiness for us in the civil engineering department when our students won the contest at a prestigious platform like IITB. Heartful congratulations to Tanoogna, Cheritha, and Venkat. I wish them the best of luck in their future career endeavours.

    Abstract of the Paper

    AASHTOWare Pavement Mechanistic-Empirical Design (PMED) has been introduced to overcome the limitations of the AASHTO 1993 pavement design approach in the United States. However, due to the data requirements and work involved with accurate local calibration of PMED performance models, PMED seems challenging from a benefit-cost standpoint, especially for the states with low traffic volumes and limited resources. This study aims to understand the current flexible pavement design practices in the United States and recommend an alternative design approach for a state department of transportation. The methodology included an online survey with practitioners, a literature review, and a comparative analysis of selected alternative design approaches. Two approaches were chosen as an alternative design approach based on the online survey results, interviews, and literature review. One is updating layer coefficients for AASHTO 1993, and the second is developing its mechanistic-empirical (M-E) based pavement design approach for Maine. A layered elastic analysis using winJULEA or similar combined with standard performance empirical equations was considered a proposed M-E design tool for preliminary analysis. A sensitivity analysis using the range of design input values for Maine conditions and validation with a historical project database is planned. The presentation will discuss this study’s findings and the final recommendations derived from the comparative analysis.

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  • National-level Volleyball Competition at BITS Pilani: SRM University-AP Becomes the Champions February 8, 2023

    volleyball championsSRM University-AP won the national-level volleyball competition held at BITS Pilani Hyderabad campus from February 2 to February 5, 2023, as part of Arena 2023. In the finals held on Sunday, the Women’s Volleyball team of SRM University-AP won the trophy with a 3-0 scoreline against the St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad.

    Arena is an annual national-level sports festival of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad campus, for university-level students. Arena 2023 competitions were held in the first week of February 2023. Bhavishya, the team captain of SRM AP’s Women’s Volleyball team, co-players Jhansi, Anishka, and others showed immaculate talent and brought the team to the shores of victory.

    Similarly, Nayan, a CSE student of SRM AP, bagged second place in the powerlifting competition in the 80 kg category. Nayan proved his talent and won the silver medal. T Vamsi coached the volleyball team under the guidance of Dr Vijay Kumar Upadhyay, Director of Sports and Abdul Mohimin, Assistant Director of Sports. The winners were felicitated by Pro-Chancellor Dr P Sathyanarayanan, Vice Chancellor Prof. Manoj K Arora, and Registrar Dr R Premkumar of SRM University-AP.

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  • Successful Food-Tech Venture hoists Jaswanth to Newer Heights! December 19, 2022


    “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. Jaswanth Sai has proved to be a living and breathing manifestation of this quote with his determination and hard work. The Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is pleased to announce that Jaswanth Sai Idupulapati, a 3rd year BBA student, has successfully started his own food-tech company, Open Cafe, a cloud kitchen enterprise. Cloud kitchens are centralised, licensed commercial food production facilities where one to dozens of restaurants rent space to prepare delivery-optimised menu items. Jaswanth, an enthusiastic student of the Hatchlab Research Centre had started his business with an investment of Rs. 5000/- and today his turnover is more than 20L per month for a business that was started just three months ago!

    “We invested Rs. 5000 and brought a van full of biriyani outside the main gate of our university. Hours passed and not a single sale happened. Those moments were not only depressing but also terribly demotivating. But as a leader, I had to rise up! We immediately changed the pricing strategy and shared the same via WhatsApp groups. In the next 45 minutes, we were left with empty vessels and a handful of cash. Profit was less; the learning and our confidence levels were mountain high,” Jaswanth excitedly mentioned about his first day of business.

    As of now, Open Cafe caters to more than 1000+ students from SRM AP and VITAP, with quality food items that are delivered with a caption – 15 minutes delivery. Jaswanth has 15 employees and a big renovated kitchen, generating employment and thousands of satisfied customers.

    His dedication and hardcore willpower allowed the materialisation of his idea into reality. Congratulations to Jaswanth Sai for his astonishing achievement!

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