Economics Students Admitted to Esteemed Global Universities

economics student achievementGetting into one of the global universities of great repute is an impactful motivation for every aspiring student to accomplish even greater things. It opens the gateway to a promising career they have been passionately dreaming of. Two exceptional students from the Department of Economics have been offered admission to highly esteemed international higher education institutions. Gayatri and Sruti, the final year Economics students of SRM University-AP, have been accepted into the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, and the Russell Group Universities.

Ms Gayatri Jonnala was ecstatic while reading the offer letter to study MSc at a leading global university. She has been accepted into the Erasmus School of Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, an institution among the QS top 50 universities.

‘‘The curriculum at SRM University-AP is very similar to the requirements of a Master’s in Economics abroad. Taking part in co-curricular and extracurricular activities helps build a holistic statement of purpose. The reading material in the library for the English proficiency tests was adequate for good preparation’’, said Gayathri while elaborating on her learning experiences at the campus.

Ms Sruti Poolla was shocked and delighted to receive her offer letters from the world-renowned Russell Group Universities. She chose the University of Birmingham from the list of universities she has gotten accepted into. The Russell Group universities are known to be research intensive and very hard to get into because of their competitiveness. It is among the world’s top 100 universities, according to QS Ranking.

‘‘There was not much preparation I did. I had to write an English proficiency exam for which I prepared. The other aspects for admission were a statement of purpose, a letter of reference from my professors and my college transcripts. I can say that I have had good grades since my first semester, and my professors encouraged and trusted me enough to say good things in my LOR. The experience I’ve gained in my three years at SRM University-AP formed a good SOP for me to get accepted,” said Sruti while asked about her preparation strategy.

Sruti and Gayatri shared how the faculty of SRM University-AP have been very enthusiastic to know about their future plans and constantly encouraged all students to choose the right career option. The varsity’s curriculum has improved the students’ knowledge in various subjects, which will only be an advantage for them while pursuing further education. Sruti extended her gratitude to the Dean-Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and all the faculty at the Department of Economics.

‘‘My dissertation supervisor, Dr Manzoor Hassan Malik and Prof. Bandi Kamaiah, provided continuous guidance and support to receive the offer letter from a prestigious university, for which I’m very thankful,’’ added Gayatri.

Both look forward to a bright future after completing their master’s at reputed global universities.

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