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A Diverse Space of Empathy and Inclusion

Counselling is professional assistance in coping with personal problems, including emotional, behavioural, vocational, marital, educational, rehabilitation and life stage problems. A counsellor employs different techniques such as active listening, guidance, discussion, clarification and administration of tests.

Counselling is not only for individuals with severe distress; it is also for those who seek assistance in improving themselves, for example, time management, handling daily stressors, managing personal and professional relationships, and their lifestyle. Our students can avail themselves of student counsellors' services through the intranet portal.

Meet our Counsellors

Liza Hazarika (she/her)

With experience in Counseling from teenagers to adults, Liza Hazarika has a master’s in clinical psychology from Amity University, Noida, along with certification from Amrit Asmi institute of living in spiritual therapy and dream analysis certification from Psychosikhsha (ISO certified:9001:2015 and Internationally Certified by EADL). She specializes in counselling individuals dealing with Depression, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Trauma, Stress-related issues, Anger and Time Management, Abuse, and other mental health-related issues.

She believes in a holistic approach and uses different new age treatments in her counselling sessions. Providing a safe and inclusive space for people from all spectrums and walks of life is her goal where an individual can freely share their emotions, feelings, experiences, dreams etc. without fear of being judged.

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