Igniting the Flame of Democracy: ‘Mera Pahala Vote Desh ke Liye’ Initiative


The campus of SRM University-AP was abuzz with a palpable energy as the Directorate of Student Affairs hosted the electrifying “Mera Pahala Vote Desh ke Liye” (My First Vote for the Nation) initiative on March 07, 2024. In a powerful display of civic engagement, students rallied together to celebrate the essence of democracy and ignite the flame of active citizenship.

The event kicked off with a captivating video screening that transported attendees on a journey through India’s vibrant democratic tapestry. Stories of ordinary citizens whose votes reshaped destinies unfolded before their eyes, reminding them of the transformative power they wield with a single mark on the ballot.

As the last frame faded, a solemn hush fell upon the gathering, and a collective pledge echoed through the halls. Students’ voices, united in purpose, vowed to exercise their constitutional rights and make their voices heard in the democratic process. The atmosphere crackled with determination and a renewed sense of responsibility.


But the celebration didn’t stop there! In a burst of youthful enthusiasm, a dedicated selfie point sprung to life, capturing the infectious energy of the moment. Students eagerly posed, their smiles radiating pride and purpose as they immortalised their commitment to shaping the nation’s future.

SRM University-AP‘s commitment to nurturing responsible citizens was displayed as the institution partnered with the Election Commission of India to kindle the flame of democratic participation. With each selfie shared and pledge taken, a powerful message resounded: the future belongs to those actively shaping it.

As the event drew to a close, the campus hummed with a renewed sense of purpose, a collective awakening to the responsibilities and privileges of being citizens of the world’s largest democracy. The ‘Mera Pahala Vote Desh ke Liye’ initiative has undoubtedly left an indelible mark, igniting a fire within the hearts and minds of SRMites – a fire that will guide them as they navigate the intricate tapestry of India’s democratic journey.


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