Department of BBA (Hons.) 2020-23

The three keys to success in business are: to have a clear vision and focus; to act decisively and think differently; and to add extra value with your product or service. With the rapid pace of change and innovation in disruptive technologies in turbulent times – from block-chain technology, artificial intelligence,and machine learning approaches to finding better, sustainable,business solutions, and with ever-mounting competitive pressures from business rivals at home and abroad, the ever-changing role of the adaptable business leader and manager who is also an effective, ethical team-player, someone who has well-developed interpersonal and multi-cultural communications skills matched by a global perspective and awareness – all these personal attributes are increasingly in demand by employers of BBA (Honours) graduates in India.

Employers are looking for young men and women who have mastered the basic technical skills and fundamental knowledge we provide in the traditional,analytical “business toolbag” of corporate finance, accounting, marketing, HR management, management information systems business analytics, and statistics etc. But they also need to hire BBA (Hons.) who are“job-ready” with a deeper knowledge and familiarity in the more specialized fields of business administration and management. These are the successful hires who do not need extensive in-house technical training before they can take initiative, spearhead innovation, and work well in teams.

This kind of knowledge is best acquired by BBAs working in small, changeable teams of 4-5 undergraduates, working intensively and consistently on live business projects, initially within short distances from the SRM University-AP campus, and producing “value-added results” for their customers –some of their future employers. This form of hands-on “learning-by-doing” sometimes called “Action Learning Programmes (or ALPs for short) has proven to be not only the most effective form of learning for business students, but also promotes much greater knowledge retention as compared to short-term memorisation for quizzes with multiple choice one-word answers.

To address these challenges of devising new and better teaching methods SRM University- AP has designed a special approach to ‘Action Learning’ for our BBA undergraduates that gives sustained opportunities for the practical application of business foundations in theory: the SRM ALPs programme focuses on closely-related ‘portfolios’ of 5 courses each in Finance, Marketing, and Human Relations Management (HRM). Having elected to specialize in one of these three broad fields at the end of their first year in the BBA programme (and being previously exposed to the basic principles of each) the students will begin to dig deeper in the Third Semester (2nd Year) . By the Fourth Semester they will be working in small teams and integrating three core subjects of their own Specialization , actively participating with locally represented business partners across the economic spectrum -to analyse problems and opportunities and most importantly, come up with actionable recommendations which add value to the business. The capstone course at the beginning of their BBA (Hons.) final year (Semester 5) will be the students’ major opportunity to fully integrate the knowledge gained in their Specialization through presentations to senior management and business practitioners in the hinterland of SRM University-AP. Home of the ALPs.

Degrees Offered 

  • B.B.A (Hons.)