School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS)

SRM AP's School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS) recognizes that a fully rounded undergraduate education is essential to prepare students to develop skills to face the increasingly complex issues of the 21st century.

The multidisciplinary program at SLASS exposes students to varied perspectives in and out of the classroom. Rather than restricting students to courses in a particular discipline such as Economics or Physics or Commerce, SLASS allows students to take courses across disciplines such as Physical and Natural Sciences, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The Bachelor’s degree curriculum is broadly divided into two categories – Foundation Courses and Majors.  For their Minors students can choose from a wide range of courses across disciplines while pursuing courses in their chosen field of specialization to increase their depth of knowledge.

The multidisciplinary approach of a liberal arts program and the interactive mode of instruction develops in students a spirit of inquiry, critical thinking and analysis as well as verbal and written communication skills. In-class discussions, field trips, presentations, video demos and hands-on assignments are some of the ways in which students are exposed to a multitude of facets around an issue and encouraged to further inquire and explore.

SLASS accomplished faculty is from India and across the world - both full time teachers residing on campus and a host of distinguished visiting professors.

SLASS offers a library matching the finest universities in the world with books/journals in print and electronic, extra-mural lectures and colloquiums by academicians and eminent scholars.

Programs offered and course structure

The school, beginning with its first batch in 2018, offers B.A., B.B.A., B.Com and B.Sc. programs across 12 departments – History, Economics, Commerce, English, Journalism, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Business Studies, Biology and Computer Science.

The programs will be multidisciplinary in nature, structured to enable students to take courses from a diverse range of disciplines. Students will pursue foundation courses from across 6-7 disciplines, departmental core courses, departmental electives and general electives. In addition to pursuing a Major, students also have the option to Minor in a discipline outside of their area of specialisation.

Program duration: 3 years + 1 additional year (optional) resulting in a Diploma/Certificate.

Associate Dean, SLASS, Prof. Shailender Swaminathan - the value of electives