Why study Liberal Arts?

SRM Andhra Pradesh's School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS) gives students the opportunity to pursue an inter-disciplinary program across Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce, Business Studies and Physical Sciences.

The SLASS advantage

  • Multi-disciplinary: SLASS students can choose from 6-7 disciplines in addition to their major and the mandatory foundation courses.  This allows them to create and pursue their own customised degree.

Dr. Nicholas  B. Dirks, Honorary Pro Chancellor SRM AP - Liberal Arts is a context in which each discipline is in conversation with another

  • One degree; many skills: The array of available courses creates an unrestricted environment for students to learn and expand their breadth of knowledge and skills.
  • Preferred by today’s employers: Recent employment surveys indicate that multinationals including technology behemoths like Google require candidates with a wide range of skills and capabilities and tend to favour candidates with liberal arts degrees.
  • Abundant career options to choose from: Liberal arts degrees equip students with multiple skills and consequently the edge to work in multiple environments. Choose to become an economist, or a policy analyst, an advertising professional or a physicist. The career options are numerous.

Dr. Nicholas  B. Dirks, Honorary Pro Chancellor SRM AP - the relevance of liberal arts in multiple applications

  • Learn from an extraordinary league of educators: At SRM AP more than 75% of the faculty have international academic exposure from reputed institutions and 15% of them are foreign nationals.
  • Unlock international career and postgraduate opportunities through a degree that is recognized globally.

Dr.Nicholas  B. Dirks, Honorary Pro Chancellor SRM AP - Humanities, Sciences and the Liberal Arts