Department of Business Studies

The department of Business Studies at SRM Amaravati, AP aims to create a stimulating environment for enhancing the academic growth of its students and also provide them with a broad understanding from a wide range of subjects being offered with different Majors and Minors with a clearly defined approach for creating quality managers and entrepreneurs required to face the challenges of the corporate sector.

The department offers undergraduate courses in Business Management and Administration that are challenging, and specifically designed to develop and enhance career opportunities, and to contribute in the dissemination of academic and applied knowledge in business management. It paves way for high quality, intellectually stimulating, open and realistic educational environment for institutional success by developing effective leaders, creating high performance teams and bringing out the potentials in individuals. 

The curriculum has so been designed to enable the students to get an overview of the various aspects related to launching and managing a business effectively; as well as giving them an opportunity to specialize in a functional area of management that they would like to pursue in their careers such as MBA and MBE. The BBA course provides the students with the opportunity to take various optional electives from the streams of Psychology, Sociology, Law, Journalism and Computer Applications. 

The department also aims at conduct outbound training in the areas of management through 6 to 8 weeks of internship programme and to supplement with more number of guest lectures from industry experts and consultants alike.

Degrees Offered 

  • B.B.A