Dr Ghanshyam Kumar Pandey to join the Editorial Board of SN Business and Economics

editorial board of SN Business and EconomicsSN Business and Economics is a multidisciplinary journal that covers the areas of Economics, Finance, Business, and Management. Springer publishes the journal. It is supported by a team of experienced in-house editors and an international Editorial board. Recently, Assistant Professor Dr Ghanshyam Kumar Pandey from the Department of Economics was appointed as a member of the editorial board of SN Business and Economics.

He is responsible for providing feedback on an ad hoc basis to the in-house editors. He is in charge of verifying submitted papers’ suitability for external review. All SN Business and Economics editors work together to ensure that the submitted research is expertly handled. The team assesses and confirms the paper to be technically sound, academically valid, and ultimately suitable for publication.

Dr Ghanshyam Kumar Pandey will be the handling Editor for up to 3 papers per quarter. This involves nominating academic referees and making an editorial recommendation following peer review. When requested, he shall give the editorial policy or strategy feedback to the Editorial team. Initially, his tenure will last for one year.

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