E-Cell organised induction programme on entrepreneurial leadership

Entrepreneurial leadership

The Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation organised an induction programme, “Ushering the Next Era- Innovation, Leadership & Entrepreneurship”, to give the students a comprehensive overview of the emerging possibilities in entrepreneurship. Various students who have successfully initiated their own start-up ideas have also shared their experiences.

Udayan Bakshi, Associate Director- Entrepreneurship, introduced the students to the country’s business landscape and rendered them a brief picture of the start-up ecosystem of India. Substantiating his arguments using facts and figures, he instigated the students to develop an innovative spirit and don the role of entrepreneurs capable of transforming the face of the nation.

Prof B V Babu, Dean- School of Engineering and Sciences, presided over and spoke about the legacy of the university. He also reminded the students of the ample avenues left open for students to explore and experience. “We aspire to offer a wholesome learning experience to our students through a gamut of courses ranging from engineering to fine arts and management”, he said. When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are pioneering ventures like Hatchlab Research Centre and Next Tech Lab to support and motivate young researchers who can promote the commercial research culture.

Prof Prakash Jadhav, Head- Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA), enlightened students on the inevitability of trying their hands at entrepreneurship as the country demands more job providers than job seekers to satiate the needs of the growing population. He also coaxed the students to contribute to the Make in India vision by exhibiting their innovatory leadership skills.

A few of our students, Lucklin Medimpudi, Jathin, Divi Gnanesh, Lakshman Tatikonda, Manaswini Surusomayajula, and Himansh Mudigonda, who have displayed their entrepreneurial acumen through ingenious start-up ideas went on to share their experiences and encouraged the students to become part of the E-Cell.

The session was later taken over by Manideep Surusomayajula who elaborated on various initiatives such as the student communities, exploratory competition, and the experiential learning platforms, the E-Cell has embarked on to train our students to perform to the best of their abilities in the industry. There are numerous platforms ranging from international collaborations to global mentorship programmes and women-led start-up initiatives for students to innovate themselves as individuals and as a team.

Mr Bakshi wrapped up the event by referring to the triumphant stories the SRM AP E-cell has witnessed. He reinstated the university’s vision to build strong professionals who can assume the position of entrepreneurial leaders and play a crucial role in nation-building. SRM AP aims to give rise to dozens of skilful professionals having the ability to motivate and inspire sweeping changes that can help the nation progress.

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