Dr Pankaj Pathak edited a book on sustainable environmental solutions

sustainable environmental solutionsSRM University-AP is proud to announce that Dr Pankaj Pathak, Assistant Professor, The Department of Environmental Science, has edited a book titled, “Urban Mining for Waste Management and Resource Recovery: Sustainable Approaches” published by Routledge Publications. In an era of climate and global ecological crisis, our researcher has stepped up to promote sustainable environmental solutions.

About the Book:

Scientific management strategies can help in exploring anthropogenic wastes (human-made materials) as potential resources through the urban mining concept and be a panacea for sustainable development. This book covers five broader aspects of waste management and resource recovery in urban mining, including solid and liquid waste management and treatment. It explains sustainable urban mining approaches for the effective management of solid and liquid wastes and facilitates their conversion into secondary resources. Overall, this book provides details of urban mining and its different applications, including current waste management problems, practices, and challenges worldwide.

  • Presents a holistic approach for urban mining considering various types of wastes
  • Describes contemporary integrated approaches for waste management with specific case studies
  • Provides technical, social, and environmental aspects of solid and liquid wastes
  • Considers aspects of sustainability and a circular bio-economy
  • Incorporates pertinent case studies on water and wastewater management

This volume caters to researchers and graduate students in environmental engineering, solid waste management, wastewater treatment, and materials science aiming for sustainable environmental solutions.

Click Here to learn more about the book from the Publisher’s site.

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