Assistant Professor

Dr. Pankaj Pathak

Department of Environmental Science


  1. Solid Waste Management
  2. Waste to Energy
  3. Geochemistry



DAVV Indore


DAVV Indore


IIT Bombay


  • 2015-2020, Assistant Professor | Marwadi Education Foundation Groups of Institutions Gujarat
  • Municipal solid waste management & waste to energy
  • Circular economy on Industrial by-products
  • E-waste recycling and metal recovery
  • Synthesis and characterization of bioplastics
  • Treatment of Textile effluents: silicate removal
  • Environmental issues on soil contamination and remediation techniques


  • International Association of Geochemistry


  • Review on Indian Municipal Solid Waste Management Practices for Reduction of Environmental Impacts to achieve Sustainable Development Goals - Y. Pujara, P. Pathak*, A. Sharma, J. Govani, Journal of Environmental Management, 248, 109238 (2019).
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  • Establishing Sensitivity of Distribution Coefficient on Various Attributes of Soil-contaminant System - P. Pathak, D.N. Singh, G.G. Pandit, P.R. Apte, Journal of Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste, 18(1), 64-75 (2014).
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