“GETTING GOAL DIRECTED”-Captivating session by Aayushi Sharma

A worthy life is full of admirable goals with a fool-proof plan to achieve those. Be it completing the syllabus, getting a good job, living a peaceful life or retiring with enough money to live; all can be achieved with good planning only. In his celebrated book “Thinking Fast and Slow”, the noble laureate Daniel Kahneman opined, “Intelligence is not only the ability to reason; it is also the ability to find relevant material in memory and to deploy attention when needed.”

Therefore, it need not be debated that only planning is not enough. You will need proper ways to execute it. This is where Aayushi Sharma comes into the picture. Ms Sharma is your Student counsellor and the appropriate person who can enlighten you on how to plan and turn those plans into actions. Join the captivating session with Ms Aayushi Sharma on April 03, 2021, at 5 pm to know more.

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