Know if you are an Otaku or a Weeb!

anime society quiz

Are you a follower of Anime Society? Did you watch or had a look at the latest Manga and Anime releases? Tell us which was the series that pulled you to the edge of your seat or the characters who have found a permanent house in your heart?

Here is an exciting opportunity for all Anime lovers! The Students’ Club is bringing forth OTA-Q, the Anime Quiz for all the anime fans to showcase their keen knowledge of all the trivia in the Anime/Manga league. The quiz also offers you a precious opportunity to take a closer glance at different shades of some of the characters you have been enamoured of!

Date: April 25, 2022

Time: 3.10 PM

Venue: ALC 4th Floor

For all the Otakus out there! We challenge you to join us for this interesting session. This is the chance for you to prove your mettle and see who is the bigger weeb!

Register yourself for the quiz. Come fall in love with Anime Society.

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