Buddha mosaic

The brilliant minds at the SRM AP cubing club have proved themselves again. On the occasion of Buddha Purnima, a group of students from the Cubing Club came together to arrange a mosaic of Gautama Buddha using 1500 cubes! A project of this magnitude usually takes a couple of weeks to be completed, but our students were able to complete the design within five days.

The smart brains behind this artistic endeavour:
Tarun Vaka
Jyothi Madem
Kota Vasu Desik
Durga Surya Teja Indigimilli
Sri Sathya Sai Karthik Kongara
Venkata Mohit Simhadri
Divyambica Satya Vasa
Lolugu Charansai Venkatanarayana

The vibrant colours and the simplicity behind the mosaic portray the Buddha’s teachings and the elementary life he led on earth. Members of cubing club received appreciations from peers, faculty members and university leadership in creating this adroit artistic masterpiece.


Hr Club Laulima

The Paari School of Business is an inclusive academic community that embraces modern perceptions while embracing the originality of past notions. To welcome the new recruits into the management abode, the HR Club – Laulima organised their maiden event “Ice-breaking session: Getting to know each other” on December 07, 2022 at the New Academic Block of the university. The student coordinators of BBA and MBA, with the support and guidance of faculty members, jointly organised the event for the participants from the first-year MBA students.

The Ice-breaking session featured games and activities which enabled participants to mingle with each other for the first time. It helped them build rapport with their batch-mates and was very well received by all participants. Moreover, it was an excellent opportunity for the student coordinators to learn and organise such an event with successful execution. The student coordinators also thanked the faculty members, HODs, and the respected Dean of Paari School of Business, Prof. Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran for their constant support and motivation to take the initiative and believe in ‘learning by doing’.