Dear Student,

Warm Greetings! Hope everyone is safe and secure at home. The sudden onset of pandemic has brought an adverse effect in all our lives. In these unprecedented times the University and our Faculty Members are making efforts relentlessly to ensure that your academic learnings are not disrupted. The online classes through an interactive platform for Even Semester of AY 2020-21 are commencing from 20th January 2021.

The Semester Course Registration for IV, VI and VIII students of the Even Semester of Academic Year 2020-21will be opened on 18th January 2021 at 10.00 AM through Student Portal. The Minor Courses (new registration) will be added to the student’s course registration as per Department confirmation on or before 30th January 2021. Students may consult their Department concerned for any further information in connection with minor course registration.

Students can amend the course registration within two weeks from the commencement of classwork. The request for amendment of course registration can be submitted by the Student on or before 2nd February 2021 to the Head of Department who will communicate the same to the office of Academic Affairs through the Dean. The amendment of course registration is applicable to Open Electives and Allied Courses but not applicable to Core Courses. Course amendment subject to the availability of the seats.

Tuition fee, any pending is required to be paid before the Semester Course Registration. In case of the students with pending Tuition fee, Semester course registration will be allowed on the confirmation of the tuition fee payment from the Department of Finance & Accounts. Only registered students are eligible to attend the Online classes and get the credit of attendance.

Based on our experience in the previous semester and feedback from the Students and Faculty Members the online delivery system has been improved significantly. Since the online learning has become a new normal, we put in continuous efforts to improve the teaching learning process in the online mode through a collaborative approach. Faculty Members have worked meticulously to bring out Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for online classes. This SOP would certainly improve the teaching learning process through an effective delivery by the faculty members.

Wishing you all the best!

Deputy Dean – Academic Affairs
SRM University-AP