SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh
Semester Course Registration
ODD Semester AY 2021-22

SRMAP/Course Registration/ODD Sem/AY 2021-22

Date : 03.07.2021


Dear Student,

Warm Greetings! Hope everyone is safe and secure at home. The pandemic has brought an adverse effect in all our lives. In these unprecedented times the University and our Faculty Members are making efforts relentlessly to ensure that your academic learnings are not disrupted. The online classes through an interactive platform for ODD Semester of AY 2021 - 22 will commence from 26.07.2021 and will continue until further notice.

The Semester Course Registration for the following programmes and semesters will be commencing from 19.07.2021 as given in the table. The course registration will be opened at 10.00 AM on 19.07.2021 through student portal and closed on 24.07.2021 at 11:59 PM.

S.No Department Semester Course Registration
Commenced Closing
1 B.Tech - Computer Science and
III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
2 B.Tech - Electronics and
Communication Engineering
III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
3 B.Tech - Mechanical Engineering III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
4 B.Tech - Electrical and Electronics
III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
5 B.Tech - Civil Engineering III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
6 B.Sc - Applied Mathematics (Hons) III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
7 B.Sc - Physics (Hons) III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
8 B.Sc - Integrated Biology (Hons) III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
9 B.Sc - Computer Science (Hons) III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
10 B.A - English (Hons) III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
11 B.Sc - Economics (Hons) III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
12 B.Sc - Chemistry (Hons) III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
13 B.A - History (Hons) III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
14 B.Sc - Psychology (Hons) III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
15 BBA - Business Studies III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
16 MBA - BFS III 19.07.2021 24.07.2021
17 MBA - Data science II 19.07.2021 24.07.2021

The students fulfilling the following requirements are permitted for semester course registration and only registered students are eligible to attend the Online classes and get the credit of attendance.

  1. Successful completion of 50% of credits registered as on date as per the curriculum.
  2. Registered in the previous semester and appeared for the end semester examination.
  3. Confirmation of payment of tuition fee and other fee dues, if any, by finance and accounts section.

It is the responsibility of the student to check the details of registered courses in their student portal and if any discrepancy in the course registration should be communicated to within two weeks of commencement of semester.

Important Instructions:

  1. The course successfully completed under open elective category or under any other category cannot be opted as an open elective.
  2. Open elective course registration is subject to availability of courses at the time of course registration.
  3. Change of registered Open Elective will not be allowed.

Wishing you all the best!

B. Sivakumar Deputy Dean-Academic Affairs
SRM University-AP Andhra Pradesh - 522240