This document details the requirements for a successful deployment of Minerva Forum. These are the minimum requirements for both the network and individual participant machines.

Network Requirements
Environment for locations where enrolled students will take classes:
● Per-student bandwidth of 3Mbps for the maximum number of concurrent students (e.g., if two sections of 20 students each will take class at the same time, 120Mbps is required)
● Packet loss of less than 5%
● Ideally, students can use hardwired Ethernet as opposed to Wifi
● Wifi access points should be 802.11ac
● Firewall capable of a large number of open connections and packets
● Ability to add firewall exclusions for P2P encrypted traffic (ALF platform traffic is sometimes incorrectly fingerprinted by Layer 7 devices as Encrypted P2P)

Participant Requirements
Students will need computers that meet the Minimum System Requirements, but ideally meet the Recommended System Requirements. In practice this means that they will need to have quad-core processors. Professors need computers that meet the Recommended System Requirements.

Minimum System Requirements (for students)
● A laptop with minimum configuration of 8th gen i5 Intel Quad Core Processor @ 2.0 Ghz clock speed and 8 GB RAM
● A fully covered headset with microphone
● Mac OS or Windows operating system
● A working webcam

Recommended System Requirements
● Multi-core score of 9000 or higher on the Geekbench 4 test
● 16 GB RAM
● SSD or Hybrid SSD/HDD hard drive with at least 256 GB capacity
● 5 or more hours of battery life
● Centered Webcam: It’s best to have your webcam located at the center above the display.
● Headset with a microphone. We recommend a sound-isolating headset such as the Sennheiser SC60, which provides superior sound and picks up your voice accurately