The Forum is Minerva’s proprietary technology platform, an advanced learning environment designed to facilitate real-time, continuous face-to-face interaction with your professors and classmates.

No. At present only Introduction to Programming with Python and Communicative English.


Communicative English is compulsory for all students – SEAS and SLABS. Introduction to Computer Science with Python is optional.

This intensive sequence of four courses over two semesters in the first year will prepare you with the practical knowledge to understand and apply different types of thinking: algorithmic, creative, and critical. These skills serve as a strong foundation for success in your other courses and in ventures beyond university.

No — Minerva program participants are expected to be leaders and innovators pushing boundaries globally in a wide variety of fields, from entrepreneurship to business to social justice to medical research. The Minerva program will prepare you to thrive in any academic discipline or professional field because it provides you the skills needed to adapt as the world changes.

All academic classes are conducted in real-time on online via Forum. All seminars are face-to-face — the equivalent of giving each student a front row seat.

Each class is 90 minutes in length, offered twice per week.

Enrollment in the Collegiate Accelerator will take place per the regular registration process for all SRM classes.


Forum has been intentionally built to incorporate the science of learning and to ensure successful student learning outcomes. By teaching in this format, we ensure that each class will be small, highly interactive, and student-oriented. Classes are taught by fully qualified faculty members and are designed to be highly engaging and thought-provoking. In addition, Forum allows us to collect data on your performance during each session in order to provide timely feedback, helping you to learn more effectively.

The Minerva program teaches students the habits and concepts that underlie four core capacities required of leaders and innovators: the abilities to think critically, think creatively, communicate effectively, and interact effectively. We will teach you these skills systematically and intentionally, instead of hoping that they will be learned through content

In addition to full participation in each class session, students should be prepared to complete required readings and other assignments ahead of time. Completing this work is critical for your success as well as the learning experience of your peers. This is because Minerva courses employ a “flipped” classroom model: students prepare for class by completing readings and assignments before class, then come to class to engage with peers through instructor-led discussions and activities.

There is no required physical location for attending a class as long as it is an environment with high-speed internet where you are able to follow classes attentively. You can therefore be in your dorm room, in the student lounge, at a local cafe, or local library while attending classes in real-time. Students often take classes physically together, but this is not a requirement.