Workshop on Financial Education Conducted by NISM


The management precinct of SRM University-AP, The Paari School of Business strives to generate young entrepreneurs, bankers and business leaders who are financially capable and independent citizens of the nation. The school has conducted a “Financial Literacy Programme for Young Citizens” (CSR Project of Kotak Securities ). The 10-hour programme held from March 01 to 03, 2023, was organised to provide practical training for students of management on the following concepts:-

  • Importance of Investments and Financial Investment Opportunities
  • Introduction to Securities Market ( Process and Prerequisites to invest in Securities Market)
  • Precautions while investing in the Securities Market.
  • Investor Protection and Grievance Redressal Mechanism

This Financial Education for young citizens endeavours to impart them with the following objectives:-

  • Deeper awareness about the career opportunities available in the Securities Market and Financial Services
  • Deeper awareness about Entrepreneurial Opportunities available in the Securities Market
  • Empowering students to face interviews in the financial services industry
  • Creating awareness about the personal finance framework
  • Creating awareness about the prerequisites of investing in the Securities Market
  • Creating awareness about the risks involved while investing in the Securities Market
  • Capability Building for Evaluation of Investment Opportunities in the Securities Market
  • A better understanding of the Securities Market

E-certificates were issued to all students who participated and scored above 60% marks.

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