UDAAN Offers Fresh Perspectives to its New Cohort of Students

Udaan Freshers Orientation

SRM University-AP warmly welcomes its latest cohort of students. The university’s freshers’ orientation, named UDAAN, is currently underway, featuring a comprehensive series of sessions scheduled from August 16 to August 24. These sessions have been meticulously designed to introduce and integrate the students into campus life and academic

The array of multiple sessions includes an introductory segment that attunes the students to the university’s various directorates, departments, campus layout, and the academic ecosystem it offers. Moreover, the sessions encompass expert-led talks from diverse domains, featuring luminaries from the industry.

On August 19th, a pivotal declaration was made, designating the year 2023-2024 as “The Year of Entrepreneurship” on campus. This decision was met with fervour as industry experts encouraged the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset among the students.

In a joint session with Prof. Vinay Nangia, Dr Dinesh Dua, Executive Director Nectar Life Sciences Limited; Mr Sanjiv Bhavnani, Founder CEO & Chief Mentor, Entrepreneur Advisors; the guests spoke of the need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

nangia 1.1JPGProf. Nangia emphasised that today the world is moving very fast, and technology, machines and now AI have been taking over the tasks that previously were manual. He recounted that when he was a student, land, labour and capital were the factors of production and this was the time when industries were coming to India and getting a job was a lucrative option. But today in the service sector, ideas, innovation, entrepreneurship and money have taken the foreground and in this context, entrepreneurship is the only solution to the growing problems of the economy. He also said that, in the coming future jobs are going to disappear and entrepreneurship will replace them.

Dr Dinesh Dua as he addressed the students recounted motivating stories of entrepreneurs who didn’t give up and ultimately succeeded. Dr Dua tried to instil the concept in the minds of all that the spirit of entrepreneurship is in never giving up no matter how many times you fail.

Mr Bhavnani in his talk urged the students to step out of their comfort zones, he stressed upon the point that unless one ventures out of their comfort zones one is not progressing at all. The confidence that one develops from stepping out of the comfort zone will enable one to do well in life, build fortunes and a name for oneself.

vivek 1.1An especially notable session took place on August 21st, where the resource person, Mr Vivek Atray, an esteemed ex-IAS officer, expounded on the significance of the “3 I’s”: Inspiration, Integrity, and Innovation. This enlightening discourse also emphasised the importance of subtracting the self, symbolising humility and selflessness.

Mr Atray’s session was followed by Mr Shiven Tandon, a chartered account and motivational speaker who further discoursed how to “Master the Mind” where he emphasised the need to reject the unworthy, to focus on nothing but the best for oneself. Dr Nived Chebrolu, a post doctoral scholar from the Oxford Robotics Institute in the United Kingdom took a session on ” Mapping with Field Robots in Tough Environments” on August 25, 2023.

Every session offered an ideal blend of motivation and enlightenment. The experts drew from their personal journeys, imparting insights into the dynamic path that lies ahead for the students.

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