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Using spices, SRM AP student creates a life-size painting to win the Guinness World Record title

Tatineni Sreya, a first year Electronics and Communication Engineering student of SRM University AP, Andhra Pradesh, became the cynosure of all eyes at the Tech Fest held at the university campus in September 2019.

Life-size painting using spicesCoinciding with the valedictory session of a two-day Tech Fest hosted by the university’s management at the campus, Sreya attracted eyeballs by painting on a 588 square feet canvas in a span of 4 hours and 15 minutes using spices (turmeric powder and vermilion). The feat was recorded in the presence of a panel of jury to claim a place for Sreya in the Guinness Book of World Records. On Wednesday, her painting reached the pinnacle when the Guinness World Records Committee sent an e-mail to the university ownership announcing that the title has been awarded to Sreya. The Cherian Committee has broadcasted that the World Records will be awarded in recognition of the wellbeing of the student. The World Record title certificate will be issued soon.

Sreya started the painting of a little girl standing on a cliff and absorbing in the beauty of the rising sun, at 11.30 a.m. and concluded the act exactly at 3.45 p.m. “The painting is about a girl rejoicing freedom mimicking my emotion after I was done with my stressful high school days. While dealing with the pressure at school, I wanted to prove that zeal and passion can steer one to achieve monumental achievements. “, explains Sreya.

Sreya working on the painting

Sreya applied to Guinness Book of World Records in January when she was preparing for her high school finals and was searching for a UG college to get into. Sreya narrates, “I finally got into SRM AP in June and was adjusting to the new surroundings and environment when we had a Tech Fest meeting. We were asked to speak about ourselves. I informed my fellow students and the professors regarding my application to Guinness Book of World Records and knack for painting. It was proposed by one of the faculty members during a meeting that I should attempt on the painting during the Tech Fest. Although it was challenging to balance academics, Tech Fest activities, and other club activities, along with gearing up for the attempt, I was able to build upon the planning in a short span of time with my parents and friends supporting me.”


On the culminating day, Architect T. Ramakrishna, after measuring the exact size of the painting and other aspects stipulated by the Record Book, recorded the ‘surveyor’s statement.’ K. Manohar from Vijayawada Food Testing Laboratory analyzed and certified the products used in the painting while Police Officials P.V.R.K. Prasad and Ravi, Chartered Accountant Krishna Reddy and Advocate Rami Reddy, sat through to witness the act and made their observations.

Sreya’s successful attempt Immediately after she finished the painting, Sreya’s friends greeted her with cheers and lifted her on their shoulders. On Wednesday, the Tech Fest Committee 2019 proudly declared, “One of our committee member Sreya Tatineni’s attempt for Guinness World record is successful. She won the Guinness world record in Largest Spice painting.” Dr. Sathyanarayanan, the President of the University, Prof. Narayana Rao, Pro Vice-Chancellor, and Dr. D. Gunasekaran, Registrar congratulated Sreya for this efficacious attempt. Dr. D Gunasekaran applauds Sreya saying. “Ms Sreya Tatineni has secured an immaculate place in the Guinness World Records for the largest spice painting done during the Techfest 2019. Special thanks to her parents. SRMAP is proud of Sreya. Thanks to the Techfest Organizing Committee 2019 for making this happen.”

Sreya says “I was in happy tears after my attempt was done as I got the picture that I planned of. My family, friends, and my professors at SRM AP were very supportive and encouraged me in all the phases related to this attempt. To be honest, receiving this humongous award from Guinness Book of World Records is the proudest and happiest moment of my life till date. Getting into Guinness Book of World Records is never a small thing. It will be one of the biggest days in my life that I will cherish forever. In the future, I hope to make an attempt at something different.”

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