SRM AP joins COVID-19 fight with a donation of 25 lakhs

The novel coronavirus has evolved as a pandemic which forced lockdown in many countries including India. The sudden surge in symptomatic cases requires funding for medicines, diagnostic kits, research to develop vaccines, development of medical infrastructure, as well as assisting daily wagers. The entire nation has risen to assist our Indian government to raise funds for the noble cause. In the premise of supporting the government to combat the outbreak, SRM University AP, Andhra Pradesh has offered its support to the government in every way possible.

Pro VC and Director CLM in discussion with the Education Minister

The contribution of 25 lakhs was handed over to the Hon’ble Education Minister Dr. Adimulam Suresh by Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. D. Narayana Rao, Director of Campus Life and Maintenance Venkataachalam and Media PRO, Venugopal. In this distressing scenario, all the citizens of India are requested to combat against this pandemic by staying at home and taking adequate preventive measures. Dr. P Sathyanaranan, President of SRM university- AP said, “The COVID-19 Pandemic has created an unprecedented global catastrophe and a national public health emergency. In this crisis, the measures taken by the Government of Andhra Pradesh under the leadership of the Hon’ble Chief Minister to combat the COVID-19, leaving no stones unturned, is commendable.”

Earlier this week on Monday, responding to this calamity, SRM Group donated 1.15 crore on behalf of the employees of the institutes under the umbrella of the group. Dr. TR Paarivendhar, Chancellor, and Member of Parliament transferred the fund to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund.

SRM AP has commenced online classes to ensure that imparting of knowledge to the students is not hindered by the pandemic. View details here

Awareness Campaign on COVID-19: Coronavirus

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