Sikkim State Formation Day Celebrations at Raj Bhavan, Andhra Pradesh

sikkim state formation dayRaj Bhavan, Andhra Pradesh, witnessed celebrations of the 48th Sikkim State Formation Day on May 16, 2023. As per the invitation from the Raj Bhavan officials, Dr Ugen Bhutia, Assistant Professor of the Department of Liberal Arts ; Mr Pankaj Belwariar, Director-Communications; and Mr G Venugopal, Deputy Manager-Communications, met the Honourable Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Sri S Abdul Nazeer. The formation days of different States are being celebrated across the Raj Bhavans in the country to foster the spirit of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat and a greater cultural association between various States and Union Territories.

‘‘The Government of India, through Article 371(f), provides special protection and conservation to local communities and cultures in Sikkim. People of Sikkim are also going out of the state to pursue education and careers, and this is where the role of other States like Andhra Pradesh and higher education institutes like SRM University-AP becomes relevant”, said Dr Ugen Bhutia as he expressed his gratitude to the respected governor for providing the opportunity to speak about Sikkim on the auspicious occasion. He also commented on how SRM University-AP intends to bring in students and employees from Sikkim and other Northeastern States through various scholarship programmes. This contributes towards the national principle of unity in diversity and national integration.

Sikkim State Formation Day is celebrated on May 16 to commemorate the formation of Sikkim as the 22nd state of the Indian Union in 1975. The state is known for its rich ancient architectural marvels and is one of the essential and integral parts of India. Since merging with the Indian Union, Sikkim has witnessed growth both in terms of social and economic development. Sikkim delivered an exemplary performance in tourism and has established itself as one of the preferred tourist destinations attracting lakhs of tourists each year. In 2016, Sikkim achieved the status of an organic farming state in India. Sikkimese such as Bhaichung Bhutia, a former national football captain and Tarundeep Rai, an Olympian, have established themselves as national pride at the national and international levels. People from different walks of Sikkim participated in the State Formation Day celebrations and shared their views on Sikkim, one of the fastest-growing states in India.

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