Secularity Unveiled: A Critical Analysis by Prof. Vishnupad


Prof. Vishnupad, Dean – Easwari School of Liberal Arts, has published his latest book chapter, “Liberal Secularity and the Indian State: Notes on the Sabrimala Judgment,” in the prestigious book “Liberalism and its Others”. The intriguing essay explores the complexities of modern secularity in liberal and postcolonial governments and navigates the delicate tango between the political and the religious. The book chapter is a scholarly investigation that maintains the importance of politics over religion while addressing the intricate dynamics of distance to closeness, neutrality to autonomy, and tolerance to publicity. Prof. Vishnupad challenges traditional knowledge, pushing to embrace ethical secularity’s dedication to discourse, transcending political and religious hierarchies.

This stimulating work is a light of intellectual engagement that will affect discussions in the fields of political philosophy, liberalism, and the state’s relationship with religion. Dive deep into these issues as we consider the nexus between politics and faith.

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