Say Yes to Life No to Drugs

say yes to life no to drugsThe Department of Student Affairs aimed to generate awareness and take an oath to “Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs”. On the occasion of the National Youth Day. A pledge was taken by the SRMAP Family to keep the youth from straying into the dark path of drug abuse.

SRM University-AP adheres to creating better environment for the future, better growth for the country and acknowledges the power of youth to achieve this. The degradation of the young into substance abuse hinders their growth and ability to reason. Hence the university would like to play its role in educating and advising the young against the harmful effects of using drugs and spread awareness about it.

7 Comments to “ Say Yes to Life No to Drugs”

  1. Maheshkumar shetyappa pujari says :Reply

    Really good campaign,,say yes to life,no to drugs

  2. AYESHA SAYYED says :Reply

    Really good campaign ,,say yes to life ,no to drugs

  3. Zamroodah Mehraj Rangraze says :Reply

    Drugs cause harm to our body specially when one is addicted. We should take steps against it.

  4. P.K.ARUN PRASATH says :Reply

    Yes to Life
    No To Drugs

  5. Rajen ch.Ray says :Reply

    Has taken the say yes to life no to drugs pledge and committed himselfe/ herselfe to conseiusly cooperate in stoping drug abuse and stay away from drug to life a healthy life.

  6. Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs

  7. Geetanjali says :Reply

    This so good and proud of this some words say yes to no drugs.. I am appreciateand and i see anyone people so.. I said no drug is dangerous for you and your family

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