“Hearing Colours and Seeing Sounds” – SRM AP student’s paper on Python programming applauded at prestigious international conference.

PyCon X Italy, May 2019: Aakanksha Chouhan, 2nd Year CSE student and member of Minsky group at Next Tech Lab gave an invited talk at PyCon X Italia in Florence, Italy. She was the youngest invited and funded speaker at the International conference on Python programming and its applications.

Aakanksha elaborated on her research at Next Tech Lab on better understanding Synesthesia using Artificial Intelligence. Her work in deep learning led her to exploring creative applications of AI. Aakanksha’s talk was attended by over 400 people and was well received by the community.

PyCon Italia is attended by thousands of experienced programmers, computer scientists and industry veterans looking to hire top talent in Italy. The conference was sponsored by industry leaders like Python Software Foundation, Intel, and IBM.

The event was held at the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo and hosted several speakers from around the world for the 4 day multi-track conference.


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