Scholarly Exploration into Nuanced Portrayal of Human Experiences

Dive into the realms of contemporary literature as our esteemed faculty members, Dr Partha Bhattacharjee and Dr Bidisha Pal from the Department of Literature and Languages presented their latest research endeavor. Their collaborative paper, titled “Transcending the Trouble, Trauma, and Pain of Failed Marriage and Closeted Sexuality in Indian Web Series Made in Heaven,” has found its home in the prestigious journal “Quarterly Review of Film and Video” (Scopus Q2).This scholarly exploration take into the portrayal of human experiences in the context of failed relationships and concealed identities within the framework of Indian web series. Join us in celebrating their insightful contributions to the literary discourse, reflecting SRM AP’s commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering academic excellence.


Premiered as a television web series on Amazon Prime Video on 8th March 2019, Made in Heaven (2019) simultaneously unmasks the hypocrisies and lies of the big fat Indian weddings and breaks the taboo of homosexuality. In consecutive nine episodes, the plots and the subplots are beaded together to initiate a sensory sensitization towards the hypocrisy of marriages and insensitive homophobia. Carefully analyzing postulates from theorists this short article attempts to decode the trouble, trauma, and pain encoded in messy lifestyles, marriages, and relationships characterizing and wielding the lives as well as the sexuality of the characters in the web series

Explanation in Layperson’s Terms

The research revolves around the concept of marriage in Indian society as well as homosexuality in the Indian Hindi web series Made in Heaven (2019). The research shows how the various episodes of the web series showcase different aspects of marriage and the actual reality behind the pomp and pleasure of high-profile weddings within society. On the other hand sexuality and sexual desire are often hidden and do not get proper channelization in a person’s life. The desire thus remains suppressed and results in crisis in many forms. There are other intertwined concerns such as the dowry system, social disparity, impotency, virginity, and sexual molestations which weave a meta-narrative on the popular medium and raise consciousness regarding how people should react to those hazards and behave accordingly.

Practical Implementation and Social Implications of the Research

The research involves practical aspects such as the dowry system, social disparity, impotency, virginity, and sexual molestations which are part of our social lives. Many people have to face such things in their day-to-day lives. This research brings out such realities of society while analyzing the mental condition and psychology behind these. Moreover, this research also shows marriage is an important decision in a person’s life, it should be made in terms of love and respect, not based upon money and social status. The research visits practical examples and revisits the laws to substantiate the arguments. Popular media such as web series is not just a form of entertainment, but it can be a medium for building awareness.

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