Dr. Anil K. Suresh has been awarded gold medal for his impactful research

Cancer research to address future challenges in early diagnosis and treatments

Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy recognized the pioneering research of Dr. Anil K. Suresh, Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology, SRM University, AP by honoring him with the “Outstanding Researcher Gold Medal Award” on December 20th, 2019 at Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology & Research, Guntur. Dr. Anil’s revolutionary research encompasses nano-technology enabled smart nanobeads for cancer theranostic and clinical medicine. Through his research, he designs nanoparticles for timely diagnosis and targeted treatment of the otherwise terminal diseases to solve future challenges in biomedicine. The primary objective of one of his DBT funded research projects “Direct removal of multi-drug resistant cells out of blood” is aimed at cancer specific Ab-mediated direct removal of leukemia out of our blood using nanomagnets as an alternative to chemotherapy.

Mortality due to cancer has barely decreased in decades, despite an exponential increase in the development of efficient treatment processes. However, sub-groups of patients with a variety of tumor types including lung, bladder, and kidney have witnessed a dramatic curative success using immunotherapy. While such breakthroughs offer the hope of prolonged survival for some patients with advanced cancers, finding cancers at an early stage is a critical parameter that would substantially improve the chances of cure. The survival rates for patients with early diagnoses are five to ten times higher, accentuating the necessity of research targeting accurate diagnosis at an initial stage of cancer. Dr. Anil K Suresh along with his team researches to enable diagnosis and localized treatment of early stage invasive cancers (in some cases, pre-invasive states).

Dr. Anil recalls, “I was like any other researcher doing basic research on nanoscience and nanotechnology until I got an opportunity to work at Beckman Cancer Research Institute, where I often witnessed several cancer patients including young kids and women yelling in agony while undergoing chemo or radio therapy. Since then I became intensively stubborn, and am sincerely striving to the best of my abilities to diagnose and treat cancer, with an hope of giving cancer patients an human-friendly painless therapeutic option.
What inspires me the most is my fervor to eradicate suffering and my passion to cure! I personally believe that suffering in any form is painful, especially when a person is diseased with hard to cure life threatening diseases such as HIV, Diabetes, Cancer, etc. “

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