‘IPS based attendance system’ wins top prize at Ennovab’s business plan competition

Pitchathon 2k19 – a 24-hour entrepreneurial journey with a big result!

Ennovab, SRM AP’s entrepreneurial innovation lab launched the first 24-hour business plan competition that went from founders speed dating (complete strangers in insightful conversations) to rigorous brainstorming, to five groups of fifty students with common problems running market research, prototyping, punching out financial models – to the final pitch.

An IPS based Attendance System (an idea proposed by five first year students Prannoy Tuggiti, Manoj Manike, Moin Syed,  Prabhu Avula, and Anvesh Reddyh) was awarded the first prize by a distinguished panel of judges (T. Ragunathan, Head of Computer Science and Engineering with 25 years in database systems; Dr. Srabani Basu, professor at Career Development Centre and former senior corporate trainer at Addeco India;  and Dr. Marc Howard Rich, professor of  English and Journalism, and former lecturer at Christopher Newport University)

The IPS based attendance system is a mobile application that enables students to mark attendance – one student per app. Of course, it works only if their location (determined by IPS, the Indoor Positioning System) is detected to be inside the stipulated class!

The first runner up team (Jaideep Cherukuri, Yash tripathi,  Bhavana Yedlapalli, Krishna, Abhishree Sai) proposed a real-time ETA system for autos so SRMites located in the middle of nowhere can make quick getaways!

While the 2nd runner up team of Rahul Gupta, Ruthwik Reddy, Dileep Patted, Arumilli Nikitha and Poorna Sai proposed a Smart ID card that can be used instead of paper coupons in places like the canteen and library.

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