From Vision to Reality: Assessing the Feasibility of One Nation, One Election in India

In the grand spectacle of democracy, every ballot cast represents a pivotal moment in shaping the collective destiny of a nation. However, what happens when the destiny of 1.4 billion people lacks a solid foundation of values and ethics?

Dr Vineeth Thomas, Assistant Professor at the Department of Liberal Arts, in his research paper titled “Ethical Society: A Premise On Which Successful Democracy Rests”, delves into these complexities of democratic regression that threaten to shake the foundations of our political system.


Samuel Phillips Huntington’s thesis on the ‘Third Wave’ of democratisation, as presented in his seminal work “The Third Wave: Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century”, posited democracy as the preeminent and widely accepted form of governance. While democracy may prevail quantitatively in contemporary times, it grapples with numerous challenges in terms of its qualitative aspects. This research article identifies the absence or dearth of ethical values as a significant factor contributing to the erosion of democracies worldwide. Moreover, this erosion has the potential to incite a ‘new wave against democracy’. Consequently, this article aims to explore the potential remedy for this issue by anchoring democracy in an ethically conscious society. We contend that an ethically grounded society serves as a fundamental prerequisite for nurturing a high-quality and prosperous democracy, ultimately acting as a formidable barrier against the imminent and looming threats to democratic systems.

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