A Research On Examining Stress Among Adolescents

The research paper titled “The Adolescence Stress Scale: Development and Standardization” is a significant contribution to the field of psychology. The paper by Dr Sandra Roshni Monteiro, Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology in SRM University-AP featured in The Journal of Indian Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health and provides a detailed account of the development and standardisation of the scale, highlighting its importance and relevance. Dr Monteiro has developed a comprehensive stress scale that aims to evaluate the psychometric issues faced by school-going adolescents.

Here’s a brief extract of the paper.



The objective of the paper was to develop a comprehensive “Adolescence Stress Scale” and to examine different psychometric issues in the development, initial validation, and standardization of this scale.


Exploratory factor analysis was conducted on the data procured from a sample of 634 (11–18 years) school-going adolescents in India.


An exploratory analysis provided a 10-factor structure, namely, major loss-induced stress, enforcement or conflict-induced stress, phobic stress, interpersonal conflict-induced stress, punishment-induced stress, illness and injury-induced stress, performance stress, imposition-induced stress, insecurity-induced stress, and unhealthy environment-induced stress. The 10 oblique factor solutions are found to be interrelated and interdependent with good indices of internal consistency, and content validity.


This scale development is a novel and powerful measure that taps onto various aspects of stress experienced by school-going adolescents. The scale can facilitate researchers, clinicians, and teachers to identify and quantify the significant sources of stress in adolescents in school, or clinic settings.

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