‘ENNOVAB’ Brings Entrepreneurship to SRM AP Campus

Back in August 2017, five SRM AP Engineering students made the cut for a semester abroad at UC Berkeley, California. Called the ‘Start Up semester it was put together by SCET – Sutardja Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology – and as the name suggests, brought together two components at the heart of any new technology based product or service.

Vatsal Rathod, one of the five SRM AP students, explains, “Earlier, technical knowledge gained would fall by the way side and it could be years before someone saw a practical use for it.  Here we learned how to apply it simultaneously.”

For example, in one class – ‘Applied data science with venture applications’ machine learning technology/ algorithms and predictive models were applied to real life applications.

“We took the technology and came up with a way to apply it to real estate market pricing. Similarly, with the Cyber Security Challenge and the Blockchain Challenge lab.”

It was around this time that ‘Playscape’ (a pitch competition run by UC Berkeley’s Calspark) was looking for some good product ideas.  Of the 120 ideas pitched, an online education platform created by Vatsal, Aayusi Biswas and Tuhin Sarkar was one of the top 3 award winning ideas.

“In the last month of the semester we spoke to SCET about wanting to do something similar at the Amaravati campus and to help push that forward Professor Ikhlaq Sidhu came on as advisor.” Taking a page from the ‘technology entrepreneurship’ class about key entrepreneurial concepts relevant to the high-technology world, Vatsal, Aayusi, Tuhin, and Pushya Mitra K. came up with Ennovab.

“If Next Tech Lab is about technology, Ennovab is about entrepreneurship. We take the ideas and convert them into startups.”

Now, following an introductory session, Ennovab is officially launched at SRM Amaravati campus with 29 members and a busy agenda for the coming months.

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6441531292910743552/

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