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Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a core engineering course in the market with an aspiring number of students securing admissions to reputed universities. Yet with the advent of the modern software era, the dilemma of future job opportunities for Electrical Engineers has been buzzing around the students of the field. The Power & Control Society, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering organised an invited talk on February 02, 2023, on “Career Opportunities for Electrical Engineers” to empower and enlighten young graduates on potential career prospects in the field. Prof. Praveen Kumar of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati was the distinguished speaker of the session.

Some of the frequently asked questions among Electrical Engineers are whether selecting Electrical Engineering as a core course instead of other engineering streams for their BTech degree was the right choice and whether it would hinder their career opportunities in this ever- transitioning job market. Nowadays, the engineering field is dominated by software and its application. It is quite evident that most jobs lie in the software or IT sectors, focusing more on coding and programming instead of our core streams.

Prof. Praveen Kumar addressed this pressing situation and reassured students that selecting the EEE stream was the right choice with it being an important core stream in the field of Engineering and giving flavour to understanding the physics behind the engineering model. He has addressed with examples of how such knowledge plays a major role when relating to other fields in any sector of the industry whether in assembling, production, AI, innovation etc. Prof. Kumar talked about coding and programming, reading syntax, and explained the importance of AI today, and how it plays an important role in engineering analysis such as Control theory, Electrical machines, Power electronics, Power systems etc. Prof. Kumar also highlighted different aspects of the transformation of the Nationwide EV ecosystem in India and encouraged students to learn various aspects of EV and solutions – To think and analyse the problem to create, innovate and present solutions per the market trend.


About the Speaker

A distinguished academician from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, Professor Praveen Kumar had completed his MTech from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. He was conferred with PhD from the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands and is an expert in the fields of Electric Vehicles, Wireless Power Transmission and Electrical Machines.

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