Egypt is the top destination for SRM AP AIESEC 2019 Internships

SRM AP students will traverse the globe, to Egypt, Greece, Indonesia and Sri Lanka as part of AIESEC’s inaugural 6-8 week internships beginning May, 2019.

Aaditya Jain, one of five SRM AP representative members of AIESEC says, “The internships are structured to provide cross cultural experiences to students in more than 25 countries. This year, 10 of our students have been selected for two AIESEC programs –  the Global Volunteer and Global Entrepreneur”.

Students select their preferred nation and project while applying for the program. Adam Wumbila (2nd year, Mechanical Engineering) will be working on AIESEC’s entrepreneurial program while A. Vatsanya will be a part of the Global Volunteer program, both in Damietta, Egypt.  Adam will be working closely with start-ups and Vatsanya has volunteered to teach business administration to students in Damietta.

Adam says, “My future plans involve launching a start-up and this international exposure will allow me to build a network and help me learn the operational processes (using advanced equipment) of the company.”  He is looking forward to working with different people and generating ideas for his future start-up. His activities will include testing and evaluating theoretical designs for lifecycle product development. He will learn 2D and 3D concepts and gain a solid understanding of core concepts such mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics and material science.


Vatsanya (1st year, CSE) will organize workshops to train students on the meaning and importance of entrepreneurship, team management, financing, marketing, and business development. According to her, this internship will pull her out of her comfort zone and allow her to understand nuances of Egyptian culture. Being an introvert, she believes the experience will help her improve communication skills and her adaptability to diverse situations.


As the world’s largest youth run program and international NGO, AIESEC’s global platform’s chapter in Hyderabad provides youth leadership development, cross-cultural global internships and volunteer exchange programs. The AIESEC network has close to 27,000 members in 127 companies and as a new business unit SRM AP will gain access to the many resources and programs of the organization.

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