Exploring the Dynamics of Democracy and Foreign Policy


Dive into the intricate realms of Indian democracy and its ever-evolving foreign policy with a compelling research paper by Dr Vineeth Thomas, Assistant Professor, Department of Liberal Arts. The university is happy to announce the publication of Dr Thomas’ latest work, titled “The Illiberal Turn in Indian Democracy: Shifting the Trajectory of India’s Foreign Policy“, in the prestigious Q2 Journal “India Review“.

The paper is a profound exploration of the dynamic shifts in India’s foreign policy, drawing attention to the complexities of the nation’s democratic journey. His research delves into the nuanced interplay of domestic politics and global diplomacy, providing fresh perspectives on the illiberal turn in India’s democratic trajectory. The insightful work takes on a thought-provoking journey into the evolving facets of Indian democracy and the intricate interplay between domestic politics and foreign policy.


Long-standing democracies such as India were not exempt from the global trend of democratic retreat. India has come under increasing international attention due to certain domestic policies such as the revocation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, the National Register of Citizens and Citizenship (Amendment) Act passed under the Bharatiya Janata Party government. In addition to India’s democratic decline being reflected in global democratic rankings, this has induced strains on India’s foreign relations. In its pursuit of becoming a leading power, India’s perceived democratic backsliding is likely to influence the direction of its foreign policy. To discern the impact of its perceived illiberal turn on its foreign engagement, the role of democracy in India’s foreign policy needs to be explored. While attempts have been made to understand democratic backsliding through a theoretical lens, the impact of a nation’s democratic status on its foreign relations and policy remains a largely unexplored area.

This study will help to understand how India’s democratic backsliding can induce a shift in its foreign policy.

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