Cracking the Code: How Congress Scripted Its Victory In 2023 Karnataka Assembly Elections

karnataka electionsAssistant Professor Dr Vineeth Thomas, from the Department of Liberal Arts, has recently made a publication in the Q2 journal called Economic and Political Weekly. The paper titled Cracking the Code: How Congress Scripted Its Victory In 2023 Karnataka Assembly Elections contributes to comprehending and examining the political landscape of Karnataka, shedding light on the various elements that shape voter behaviour and election outcomes within the context of Indian democracy.


The Congress party secured a much-awaited thumping majority in the 2023 Karnataka Assembly elections. The election result gave a much-required lifeline to the existential crisis faced by the Congress party and opened the eyes of the BJP to recognise that the Modi-factor and Hindutva card does not always get converted into votes. In this context, this article provides an in-depth analysis of the factors that led to the Congress party’s victory in the 2023 Karnataka assembly elections.

Explanation of the Research in Layperson’s Terms

Due to multiple reasons, it is worth examining the ingredients of Congress’ magical recipe for winning the Karnataka assembly elections. The Congress’ victory in the Karnataka assembly elections in 2023 is a significant political event, as it marked the party’s return to power in the state after a gap of several years. The result provided a new lease of life for the Indian National Congress and it helped to cement the Congress’ position as a key player in the politics of southern India in general and Karnataka in particular. The victory boosts the spirit of Congress party workers on the ground, who are so used to losing that they sometimes give up before the combat even begins. It also allows the party to generate resources in a situation where the Congress controls only three additional states (Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh). It also enhances the Congress’s profile within the greater national opposition and may persuade some other parties, who have been sceptical of the party’s political judgement and ability, to consider working together. It may help the Congress, which won only one Lok Sabha seat in Karnataka in 2019, to increase its score in 2024. Understanding the components of the Congress’ electoral strategy in Karnataka might therefore provide light on the party’s overall approach to the future assembly and Lok Sabha elections. Examining the reasons that influenced the Congress’ win in Karnataka can give useful insights into India’s larger political scene and shed light on the anticipated outcomes of future elections in the nation.

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