Prof. Naik Expounds on the Future of Biomedical Imaging


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering hosted an Invited Talk on “Dynamic Shape-based Biomedical Tomographic Reconstruction Algorithms” by Prof. Naren Naik, IIT Kanpur on October 30, 2023. Prof. Naren Naik, a well-acclaimed researcher and specialist in tomography reconstruction algorithms discussed extensively on tomographic problem definition and formulation, shape reconstructions, shape-tomography based on radial basis functions (RBF), and the diagnosis of early-stage cancer using tomography. He also explored replacing nuclear medicine modalities with optical fluorescence methods, especially in applications like early cancer detection and metabolic imaging. Additionally, the presentation delved into nonlinear-reconstruction frameworks for fluorescence optical tomography.

Faculty, Research scholars and BTech students from various departments participated in this insightful session. The event was organised by Assistant Professor, Dr V Sateeshkrishna Dhuli of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, SRM University-AP.

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