AP Ministers unveiled Face Shield 2.0 developed by SRM AP student Mohan Aditya

Aditya with Education Minister and MP of Andhra Pradesh Attesting the signs of a true researcher, SRM University AP student P. Mohan Aditya, 2nd year, Mechanical Engineering, develops a highly useful face shield that costs Rs. 15 per piece. “Face Shield 2.0”, as named by Aditya was unveiled at the Velagapudi Secretariat on Tuesday evening, where the student was seen wearing the Face Shield and preparing them. The Sophisticated Corona Face Shield was handed over to Adimulapu Suresh, the Minister of Education, Andhra Pradesh, and Nandigam Suresh, Member of Parliament from Bapatla district of Andhra Pradesh, who may eventually distribute it to the public. The masks were circulated among the police and paramedics from the government, who appreciated Mohan Aditya for this initiative.

Aditya with MinistersThe lightweight face shield is easy to wear, comfortable, yet durable. It protects a person’s entire face from exposures with a thin layer of transparent plastic film that serves as an outer defence. It is a piece of protective equipment that safeguards the face against exposure to the potent threat of infection and diseases. The headband of the face shield is made of cardboard which is 100% degradable and the plastic shield can be reused, making the product eco-friendly.

AP Ministers inspecting Face Shield 2.0

Wearing the ‘Face Shield 2.0’ will help reduce the threat of Coronavirus, making it easier for the police, medical personnel, municipal workers, people working in sanitizing department, people working in the essential goods sector to serve the nation’s public. It can also be used by virus-infected patients to reduce the plausibility of spreading the virus. Moreover, several lakhs of students of schools, colleges and universities could use the Face Shield 2.0 when they come back to the educational institutions after the lockdown is lifted.

The management of SRM AP applauded the research work of Mohan Aditya, praising his new and inspiring invention that is useful to the society. Dr. P Sathyanarayanan, President, SRM University-AP, and Prof. D Narayana Rao, Pro Vice Chancellor, SRM University-AP, celebrated the commendable intelligence of the student and congratulated him for developing the face shield using new technology.

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