An IoT- based smart wallet prototype

exterior designDr Sonam Maurya, and her research team; Soha Muskaan Sayyad, Trisha Chilukuri, Samah Maaheen Sayyad, and Juhita Naga Priya Velagapudi from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering have innovated a smart wallet model based on IoT and got their patent “Smart Wallet with Enhanced Features for Preventing Misuse and Alarm System for the Same” published. This is a fitting solution to protect against the loss and theft of the wallet.


smart walletA smart wallet is an excellent technology to safeguard your credit and debit cards. Wallets these days are getting smarter with the latest technologies induced to monitor its presence. The proposed IoT- based wallet model is more smart, intelligent, secure, and safe which encompasses the best use of the latest IoT technologies in our pocket. The prototype consists of fingerprinting access technology, Augmented Reality (AR) navigation, Interactive Air Display (IAD)/ Transparent Display (TD), Voice control mechanism, Emergency alerts, RFID features, and many more. The smart wallet is designed to overcome the shortcomings of the regular wallet types.


3D ViewThe new technology of AR makes the tracking of the wallet easier with a graphical pathway. And the voice control functionalities help the user to make the process easier in comparison to manual opening. IAD/ TD is used to control the mechanisms like opening the card or money case. To keep the data more secure from hackers, an RFID technology-enabled card is also embedded in the wallet. The strong Graphene outer covering is used to make the materials inside more flexible and safer. Besides, there is an emergency voice control mechanism that takes the instruction from the user and makes the surroundings alert by sending an alert message to the emergency contacts. And the cash counting facility in the wallet to keep track of the cash makes it a wholesome package of digital innovation.

The social implications of this smart wallet are:

• Enhanced features for preventing wallet misuse

• Alarm system to help in emergencies and threatening situations

• Best use of IoT technology in a user-friendly way

• Enabled with Wallet/ Card missing notifications

• Eco-friendly charging mechanism

With this innovation, the research team aims to bring technology to its fullest use to make significant transformations in the everyday life of society.

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