“Our adoption of the Minerva Forum represents a leap forward in the use of interactive technology in which every single student is intensely engaged.” VC Jamshed Bharucha

April, 2019: At the ASU GSV (Arizona State University/Global Silicon Valley) education summit in San Diego, SRM AP VC Jamshed Bharucha and Minerva’s Ben Nelson (serving on a panel entitled ‘Practical Solutions for Major Reform in Higher Education’) announced that the enhanced Minerva Forum will be offered to SRM AP’s students in the engineering and liberal arts. Ben Nelson explained how the scalable Forum platform improves educational outcomes for classes up to 400 students.

Built upon seven years of development and decades of research into the science of learning, Minerva’s education system includes its pedagogy, intentionally scaffolded curriculum design, and proprietary Forum learning environment, designed to offer fully active learning classes in real time.

Ben Nelson, founder and CEO of Minerva pointed out that the system was designed with the specific goal of advancing the intellectual development of each student.

For SRM AP, the immediate benefit in adopting this platform – an intensive active-learning pedagogy using interactive technology – is that it establishes a stronger foundation in basic competencies like Expressive Clarity and Critical/Creative Thinking and Communication as well as other foundation courses. Subsequently, these fundamental cognitive processes will be extended onto courses across the curriculum.


Started in 2010 with a collaboration between Arizona State University and Global Silicon Valley (GSV), the annual summit focusses on learning and career outcomes.  ASU GSV is regarded as the world’s leading education and workforce innovation summit. Also, at the summit this year, Nicholas Dirks, member of SRM AP Board of Governors and Honorary Pro Chancellor, served on a panel – The Coddling of the American Mind: Are Good Intentions Setting Up a Generation for Failure? Nicholas Dirks also gave a talk entitled StarTrek: The Global Context for the Reimagination of Education.


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