A Thematic Study on Green Finance

A Thematic study on Green Finance, SRM University- APToday, we live in a world where sustainability and sustainable development are the need of the hour and amidst this, Associate Professor, Dr A Lakshmana Rao and Research Scholar, Mr Akhil Pasupuleti from the Department of Commerce have come up with their pacesetting research publication titled – “A Thematic Study of Green Finance with Special Reference to Polluting Companies: A Review and Future Direction.” The research work gives an impetus to many polluting companies to adopt green finance as an option to combat environmental pollution, this can be in the form of business strategy, energy saving, green credit, and innovation.


The objective of the study was to understand the phenomenon of green finance in polluting companies through a systematic literature review. The methodology involves the search, selection, classification, and categorisation of thirty-five articles on green finance in polluting companies which were analysed for the time span of eleven years, i.e., 2011–2022. The outcome of the review identified the following five themes: (i) green credit and environmental protection; (ii) green finance and green innovation; (iii) green innovation and environmental protection; (iv) green finance and investment; and (v) green innovation and firm performance. The review has put forward recommendations for further advancement in policy strengthening and the utilisation of extensive data analysis, indicating potential avenues for future research and development. The findings of the study provide insights to researchers, practitioners, and policymakers about the status of green finance in polluting companies.

Dr Lakshmana Rao Ayyagari and his student Mr Akhil Pasupuleti are working on developing future prospects of Green Finance such as ESG disclosure and reporting practices, its application and the relationship of CSR and sustainability.

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