Unlocking Opportunities: A Glance at Education Expo 2023

edu fair 2

The Directorate of International Relations & Higher Studies (IR&HS) hosted the Education Fair on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, to provide meticulous guidance on higher education in universities and programmes across the globe. The event featured major universities from USA and UK, including the University of Missouri St Louis, USA, University of Greenwich, UK; Coventry University, UK; California State University, USA; York University, Canada and many more.

The event provided students with a compass for their educational journey. Expert advisors and counsellors offered insights into courses for higher studies, and scholarships, and guided them toward the right choices for their future. From business and engineering to arts and sciences, the expo showcased the diversity of worldwide educational opportunities.

The SRM University-AP’s education fair was a source of inspiration for students, motivating them to dream big and aim high. The education expo was more than just an event; it promised a brighter future, a world of opportunities, and a global perspective on education.

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